Why I love the Jersey Shore: Part Two

We decided to rent a hotel room in the dead of winter.  It was the weekend following Christmas and no one had anything better to do.  So we decided that we’d rent a big old hotel room in Seaside and have a ball.  This room slept like ten people and usually went for like $200 a night but we got it for $40 and split it.  So for like $8 each, we got to hang out for a weekend, play cards, fool around, go out to breakfast and be silly.  It was the bomb.
The ONLY problem was that it was just as cold INSIDE the room as it was OUTSIDE the room.  We turned the heat on but for no damn reason it wouldn’t get warm.  We spent a lot of the weekend bundled up in coats and blankets.

Anthony, Amanda, Me, Matt (a rock star back then and in the future)

Me in my winter apparel.

Slam was funny because she picked a spot and settled in.  We left and got breakfast, came back she was there.  We left and had lunch, came back she was there.  Slam was a big sleeper at the time and we were forever teasing her because every time you turned around, Slam was passed out cold sleeping.  I love you Slam, haha.

Slam in her favorite spot.

Christine having a moment

Amanda’s Grandmother lived with her family at the time and this particular year for Christmas, her grandmother had given her this awesome present.  It was like an early prototype of the Snuggie but worlds better.  You can’t see it well in the picture but it is like a penguin suit.  It has little foot holes at the bottom that you step into. There are no “legs” in the thing, apart from the foot holes, it’s just open space.   You step in, put your dogs through the holes, zip it up to your neck and you’re like in an awesome pouch.  I NEED one of these things.

Amanda in her weird penguin suit.

What is funny about this weekend is that it wasn’t until we were about to leave to go home that we realized that the reason the heat wasn’t working is because all of the windows were open.  I guess whoever stayed there last in the summer had opened all the windows.  Since there were curtains in front of the windows, we didn’t see that they were open.  Because we’re idiots, we didn’t check the windows.  Awesome.

Me and Christine in our Winter Apparel

It was my friend Lauren’s birthday in November and we decided to throw her a birthday party at a hotel in Seaside.  It was 1999 and I therefore saw fit to give her a sparkly hat for her birthday that said, “2000” on it.  It wasn’t her favorite gift, haha.

We were really into harmonizing to the theme song of “Who’s the Boss” at the time.  I remember we ran into another room to “practice” (ended up all falling down into a closet) and then ran in with a pile of Fudge Rounds and sang that to Lauren instead of “Happy Birthday”.  Really, how could you ask for better friends?  Haha.  (I’m sorry Lauren.)

Lauren, the Birthday Girl

I don’t know how I came to sit on Anthony’s shoulders but I’m sure if we attempted it at this moment, Anthony would never walk again.

Me and Anthony. This is just how we walked around on a regular. Ya know, how you do.

I don’t remember why but we took a spin around the boardwalk in pajamas.  Or at least I was in my pajamas.  Yes I got tortured for it.

Anthony, Christine, Me, Kristyn

Another time, we went down to Seaside in the middle of the winter for no damn reason.

I remember going to 7-11.  I remember eating a lot of junk food.  I remember walking around on the boardwalk in the snow and I remember not being able to fit on the beds unless we all spooned in specific formation.  There were two beds and I think most of us were on one of them joking about how it was like we were a drawer full of spoons.  Then Bernice says, “Yeah well I’m a fucking knife!  Shut the hell up and go to sleep!”  Hahahahahaha…And yes, that set us off all over again.  (I’m sorry Bernice.)

Nelson, Kristyn, Bernice

Kristyn and Moi

Kristyn and Don Donnelly

Don and Me

T and Me

Oh and then I’m sure you guys remember this.  MTV hosted their Beach House at Seaside for a coupla summers.  Here’s Kristyn standing in front of it.

Kristyn and the MTV Beach House.

4 thoughts on “Why I love the Jersey Shore: Part Two

  1. Colleen, this is so funny! I love your blog. I actually just had to comment because I watched through the Who’s the Boss theme, and did you ever notice that there’s a supervising producer listed near the end whose name is Bud Wiser??? Also, I’m obsessed with Fudge Rounds.

    • Hahahaha hey Anna! No I never noticed Bud Wiser!!! That’s incredible, haha. Ugh and Fudge Rounds are THE bomb. I used to go over a friend’s house when I was a teenager and he always had fudge rounds. But he was stingy as hell with them. He lorded them over everyone. Like he’d take one person aside and give them a fudge round to turn everyone against that person and so that they’d side with him. Or he’d lavish one on all of us so we’d he’d be in our favor. Or he’d deny us all a fudge round while eating one himself so that he could make us all feel inferior. It was actually kind of masterful, haha. Me and my friend Christine used to say we were “going to the bathroom” and eat them on him secretly as revenge, haha…

      • Haha RIGHT? MAN he was too good at that shit. Have to give credit where credit is due. I ate them like that too! I also eat the Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies the same way, haha.

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