Addled Mind: The Legend of Billie Jean

Me and my Sister made my Mother rent this movie from Mr. Video EVERY SINGLE DAY. I distinctly remember her saying, “WHAT is so special about this stupid movie?!” And I remember that my response was something to the effect of, “Cuz it’s awesome MOM…”

Also, this movie should’ve been akin to a Gaylord Ouija for my parents. “Will my daugher marry a short haired lady?” “YEEEESSSSS YEEEEEESSS…ODDLY ENOUGH SHE WILL BOTH MARRY THIS WOMAN AND SORT OF BEEEEEE THIS WOMAN…” In Ouija Board shorthand however, it would have just said, “Satan” and they’d have had to work it out on their own. Whatever.

Here is a clip that kind of summarizes the entire movie set to Pat Benatar’s “Invincible”. Awesome.

This is a clip from the beginning of the movie when they first go on the lam:

This is exactly the same way it happened to me! What’re the odds?:

This is argueably the most famous part of the movie for schizzle:

And here is the part where the bad guy gets his due (booyah):

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