A look inside my addled mind: Clue

I spent a lot of the day looking through youtube videos of my favorite movies growing up after Kristyn asked me about that Clue scene.  And it was funny because it was like looking into corners of my mind that I’d forgotten existed.

I’m going to keep posting my Road Trip Series and my Decade Series but I’m going to throw another ball up into the air in the form of “A Look Inside My Addled Mind” movie series, haha.  You might not care what’s in my mind but at least you might enjoy the clips.

I’m going to start with “Clue” because that’s what we already discussed today.

Clue was one of my FAVORITE movies growing up and Tim Curry played no small factor in that.  God I love him.  If there’s one celebrity I’d have no choice but to explode after meeting, it’s Tim Curry.

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