I started off the year 2000 at my friend Erin’s apartment at Rutgers. We got to the party a little late (because I had to work) so after some rushing we got down there around 10:30ish. To make up for “lost time”, we all go plastered out of our minds. It was the Y2K New Years so we weren’t sure if we were going to blow up at the stroke of midnight so we took the partying pretty seriously. SOMEONE who is 5’6″ went shot for shot with someone else who is 6’4″ between the hours of 11pm and 12pm. By 12:30, there was champagne all over the ceiling, walls and floors. People were crying. SOMEONE was throwing up heavily. I was playing nurse. Someone else peed in a closet thinking it was the bathroom. It was absolute mayhem. And yeah absolutely nothing happened at the stroke of midnight, haha.

At that time, I worked at the Sheraton, went to BCC and partied like a wild animal. I was single for the first half of the year and started dating Kristyn in the second half. I managed to have a very, very, very good time with my bad self that year.

The below pictures are of a party I threw at my Parent’s house. Bad girl Coleen. Can you spot the future “rock star”?

I don't know why this was a good idea, haha.

Me and Lisa

Lisa, Mike, Dan

Kristyn wearing my Uncle Ken's waders in my hallway-like basement bedroom, haha.

Like I said, I worked at the Sheraton so I got a lot of great hotel discounts. When they opened the W Hotel in NYC, I got a discount rate and me, Kristyn, Allison and Slam rented a room to hang out for the night. When we got there though, there were two TWIN beds. SO, we did the only thing that made sense. We took the beds off of their frames and laid them sideways of the bedframes so we could all get a good night’s rest. Of course that makes sense. Of course it does.

Flash of inspiration.

There goes Slam, always trying to knock some sense into us. As usual, it doesn't work. As usual, we love Slam.

Me giving a little kissy to Allison who is seemingly dead asleep.

We thought they were asleep. Seems like Slam is onto us, haha.

Me and Amanda went on vacation that summer. First we went down to Seaside Heights and rented a room with Kristyn, Dan, Erin and Lisa. For some reason, me and Amanda got our Belly Buttons pierced. And then on another night, all of us girls took HOURS getting primped to go out on the town while Dan mocked us. We said, “Fine you stay here dummy, we’re going out to have a good time.” We walked down on the boardwalk and someone said, “Hey why don’t we walk down on the beach?” Why not? Then it was, “Why don’t we put our feet in?” Sure. Then, “Oh shit, my pants got wet up to my knees, I might as well wade in to my knees.” Okay. Then “Oh God, I’m wet up to my waist!” Then the next thing you know, all five of us bitches were on all fours letting the waves CRASH INTO OUR FACES. Yes, we were intoxicated. All that time spent getting ready and one innocent idea has us dripping wet, makeup smeared all over our faces in like ten minutes time. We had to walk all the way home like that, everyone pointing and laughing at us on the boardwalk. Dan’s face was priceless though. “What did you dizzy bitches DO?!” Hahahaha…

And for some reason we got our belly buttons pierced. I thought I was going to bleed to death.

After that weekend, me and Amanda drove down to her parent’s campground outside of Atlantic City. Here we are on one of those little carts that they wheel you around on. We had sworn NOT to get in one of those things but that damn boardwalk is so deceptively long that we went for it and I’m glad we did!

First trip to Atlantic City! Taking a cart ride!

At that time, we also hung around a lot in my bedroom, just chilling and drinking beer. For some reason we were obsessed with doing this with bottle caps and below Christine can’t seem to keep a straight face for long enough, haha.

Here we are just chilling in my room. Christine's face is priceless.

We also started going to Aldo’s really regularly. Aldo’s (for those not in the know) was a local 80’s/Goth/Industrial Bar that was heeeella fun. GREAT for people watching. It was during this time that we made the aquaintance of one “The Captain”. The Captain was a 60 something year old man who hung out at Aldo’s and always dressed in nautical gear. He was in love with Kristyn and forever trying to get us to go on his boat. He would say to Kristyn, “You can come on for free and everyone else just has to pay eighty dollars!” One day Kristyn wasn’t there with us and he said to me, “You can come on for free and everyone else just has to pay eighty dollars!” I said, “Well what if Kristyn comes?” He said, “Then she gets on for free and you have to pay eighty dollars!” Hahaha. Awesome. Oh AND it turns out he didn’t even have a boat, nor was he a Captain of anything. He used to turn up to Aldo’s in a Limo that we thought he owned. Nope. His friend owned the Limo and he liked to rent boats. He was a recycling man. Haha.

Our love affair with Aldo's is in full swing.

We found out that Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes were going to be at Willowbrook Mall signing copies of “Dogma” which had just come out on DVD. So, while waiting on line, we saw Jason walking around. We approached him to get his autograph as did a couple other people. He signed their shit and they left. But suddenly swarms and swarms of people closed in. We were like pressed up against him and just wanted to get out of the crowd. The more people that came, the more stuff he signed but he kept not getting to ours. Eventually we were like, “Can you just sign this already?!” And he got pissed, haha.

This is the first of two times we met Jason Mewes (of Jay and Silent Bob). We pissed him off royally trying to get his autograph, omg oops.

And Kevin Smith was the nicest! So friendly. It was so worth it to stand on line and wait to meet him because I really love his movies and am glad that he’s actually a nice guy. Sometimes you meet someone you look up to and are sorely disappointed.

It's not every day Kevin Smith invites you to sit on his lap.

4 thoughts on “2000

  1. Oh my goooood! I used to love Christine/Coleen house parties. Also, I think I was there that NYE. Scandalous times. I was just thinking about how I don’t recall where I was for NYE y2k (when everything was supposed to blow up n’ shit). Man I wish I were 19 again.

    • Haha yeah you were there for that party! And heeeeeells yeah that was a scandalous party, haha. I couldn’t even put 9/10ths of what shit really went down on this blog to protect all of us, haha.

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