Blahblahblah, New Years Day, blahblahblah.

Happy New Year's from Richard Simmons!

I don’t have the time to start uploading pictures from the decade but I have a coupla minutes to kill so here I am.

Last night, I went through pictures and had a good time with my bad self and then suddenly I realized it was time to get to steppin.  I had baked a cake for Krissy (Funfetti, her favorite) and suddenly had to frost it, clean up and shower all before the ball dropped!  I managed to do it and thought I had more time than I did because when the clock struck midnight, I only had one eye of makeup on and missed the “10…9…” section of the countdown.  I ran over to the TV and did the rest of the countdown and hooted and hollered by myself, haha.  Then I realized Monster was sitting there so I grabbed him and made him my New Year’s kiss.  And then I took these pictures:

Here's Carson immediately following the ball drop. Why oh why did I miss Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper?! I hate you Coleen!


Monster is all confused as to why I just screamed, danced around and then involved him in the mayhem.


Edith didn't like 09 and isn't thrilled about 10 either.

Elvira did NOT want to be bothered.

Fireworks were going off so I went outside to see them.  I couldn’t get a good shot but I did manage to take a picture of the Blue Moon.

Blue Moon!

 And then I basically immediately left to pick Kristyn up from work.  She got out at 1 and all night they’d been saying on the news how there were going to be a lot of random traffic stops on the roads to check for drunk drivers.  Usually it takes me twenty minutes tops to pick Kristyn up from work but I wanted to make sure I had enough time because I had no idea if there would be a lot of traffic and I had no idea if I would get stopped.  I didn’t.

Downtown LA on the ride back from picking Krissy up.

Today we had all of these ridiculous plans to get up and go to the beach, etc.  Did. Not. Happen.  When we got home (around 2am), we had some appetizers, Mimosas and watched us some Lost.  We retired to bed around almost 5am!  Haha.  We woke up at 1:30pm.  I know, dirty layabouts that we are.  And we have all sorts of plans to go to the movies and to Target and to put together a TV stand.  Methinks we’ll EITHER go the the movies OR to Target.  One hundred thousand dollars says we do not put anything together tonight, no matta what.
We DID manage to eat a lot of Funfetti today and exercise.  We both did EA Active and Kristyn played some Mario Kart and did a catsitting job.  As for me, I’ve fooled around on Facebook and took my sweet ass time loafing around.  Ah well.

Elvira chilling on New Year's Day.

Edith just wants to nap peacefully.

Monster is hungover.

I found me Dad's hat.

Monster and Kristyn relaxin.

Oh AND fun fact about the ball drop:

They don’t show it live as it’s happening.  They show it at midnight.  I was always under the impression that we watched the ball drop at midnight because we lived in the NYC suburbs.  I thought that other places had other things that dropped or exploded or humped or something at midnight.  I mean I knew that you could SEE it in other places but I was fully expecting it to come on at 9 and I was all curious to see what it is that happens here.  Nope.  Just like at home but three hours later.  So weird!

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