This was an eventful decade for schizzle.

It is already 2010 in New Jersey.  Here in LA, it is 11pm on the dot.  I am alone at home right now.  Me and Kristyn for some reason didn’t realize that she’d be at work until 1am on New Year’s Eve until the other day.  Initially I was upset about it.  BUT, I’ve actually had a really nice day, much thanks to Kristyn.

When we woke up today, we were talking about how today is the last day of this decade.  I said something to the effect of, “Get the f out of here 00’s, you was a bitch.”  And Kristyn said something to the effect of, “STFU!  We did a ton of awesome shit this decade!”  And I was all, “Whatevs, my parents divorced, 9/11, suicides everywhere we live.”  So she was all, “Yeah and we got to give George Bush the finger in person and got to meet Sleater-Kinney and moved to LA…”  So I was like, “Yeah that’s true.”

Anyway, this has got me thinking.  I’m going to post pictures of this past decade.  I was just going to do it in one post but, going through everything, there are just way too many awesome things that happened and I want you guys to see some of these pictures. 

SO, since it’s now 11:13pm, I really have to get in the shower because I have to pick Kristyn up by 1am.  I’ll share with you some pictures that I snapped today instead.  And I have to say, New Years in LA is way better than New Years in NJ because it was 68 degrees and gorgeous out today.  I can’t wait until next year when we can really celebrate.

So pretty out. I had just dropped Kristyn off.

This is the corner of Santa Monica and Sunset. We live on the street behind Sunset.

This is Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park or just beyond Echo Park.

This is Sunset Boulevard again. I was just driving around and having a good time.

Believe it or not, this is the best picture of me that I took. Haha. I never claimed to be photogenic.

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