Damn it’s been a while…

Merry Christmas y'alls.

Sorry guys, I got all caught up in Holiday malarcky. I have to post my Christmas pictures and then continue on with my Road Trip stories. In the meantime, I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday! We sure did although we missed our family and friends.

Oh and bad news, we just realized that Kristyn will be working on New Year’s Eve. She’ll be at work at midnight and I’ll be all alone! Oh no! That’s okay, I know we’ll feel a little sorry for ourselves for a hot minute but we’ll get over it and have some faux pigs in a blanket at 2am when she gets home. A little late but worth the wait!

ALSO, I just met my first LAPD officers. SO nice! My neighbors have been drunkenly blasting polka music since Christmas Eve (or thereabouts). We’ve just grinned and beared it but a little while ago, they took it to a level. I have a side door that opens toward their house. There’s a solid retaining wall between our houses though so I didn’t know how to get to them though to ask them to take it down a notch. So, I hollered, “HELLO! OH HI! HEY YOU! MAYBE CAN YOU TURN THE MUSIC DOWN? HEY! HELLO OVER THERE! HEY I WAS THINKING, MAYBE CAN YOU TURN THE MUSIC DOWN A BIT?” But dude’s music was too gd loud so I had to call the police. I don’t like doing that but I mean come on dude. You KNOW it’s loud. I was listening to music myself and couldn’t hear it over his music, haha. Then I turned on the television while my radio was still on and it was so loud that I couldn’t hear my music OR my television. Anyway, the dispatcher was so polite and non-aggro (unlike the police in my hometown who treat every complaint as a joke/waste of their time). The police came to my house and were polite as hell. They complimented my apartment, petted my cats, admired my Donna Summer painting and wished me a Happy Holiday! And then they went and got that music shut off. Thank god. Now of course I’m scared that the polka man will come over and knife me so I have all my windows and doors shut and locked, haha. And yes the mace is nearby. Shit I had that crap on me when the police were here. You never know who you might need to mace…

So now I’ve wasted a lot of the day watching the Hills, eating Christmas cookies and fooling around. I seriously need to buckle down and get some actual shit done. Mind you, the shit also is fooling around (aka uploading pictures onto my computer and/or sewing a pillow cover) but these are the problems of a childless housewife son!

Okay time to have a little dinney and get to stepping.

P.S. I *did* print out some applications today to hand in tomorrow, feed the cats, shower, straighten up, make Krissy breakfast and dinner, interact with LA’s finest and watch the Hills. Busy day? I think so.

P.S. #2 The episodes of the Hills I was watching were from a few years ago and everyone looks SHOCKINGLY different. I dunno how these people aren’t embarrassed that it’s so obvious that they’ve had this much work done! Still…fascinating.


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