On the Road, Day Four, MN, part four

…continued AGAIN!

We continued on and found the Schoolhouse and the Dugout House. More on the Dugout House later.

Schoolhouse and Dugout house.

The classroom is pretty awesome because it really kind of looks like what the classroom looked like on Little House on the Prairie!

The classroom is awesome.

It was fun to be in here because while a lot of the museum was dedicated to showing how people on the frontier lived, this little classroom was exciting to be in because the show had focused so much on them being in class.


I had to go to the head of the class and pretend to be Miss Beadle. I just wish I’d have had a little Lemon Verbena on to complete the experience. Kristyn, ever the eager student took a load off.

Krissy enjoying her studies.

Here are some rules of conduct for the students and the teachers. I like that there are separate bylaws for those of us without shoes. I hate shoes. I wish I could go to school without shoes.


Here are some olden-timey school supplies. In the gift shop, I bought a slate and it’s awesome.

School supplies!

There were a coupla pictures from the show in the classroom.


And this is what’s called a Dugout House. Poor settlers made these because they provided warmth against the cold winters. Still, it’s gross kinda.

Dugout house.

The walls, ceiling and floor are made of mud, smoothed out mud but mud nonetheless. The bed is made of wood and hide. I can always make do but thinking about sleeping in mud on a freshly killed hide makes me glad to live in 2009.

Bed made of fur.

There was a small heater/stove in here too. There really was only enough room to turn around in here. The Ingalls family lived in a Dugout House at first.


Right next to the heater/stove and along the opposite wall of the bed was the dinner table.

Dinner table and mud.

Then we ambled onto how the rich people lived…well I ‘spose middle class was more like it…

How the Rich People Lived.

Inside, the walls were made of wood as were the tools that people used.

How the rich people live large.

The bed was a little more sophisticated too.

How the rich people sleep.

According to the sign, this house was about the same size as the one the Ingalls moved into later on. It was just a square with like two rooms but, not too shabby!

Rich people sign.

I just thought the horsie was pretty.

Metal horsie.

Some miscellaneous stuff:

A clothes washing machine (methinks) and a wheel.

And the creme de la creme:

A wagon!!!

Sorry for the blurriness but this is a telephone operator stations from waybackwhen.

Phone operator switchboard.

Window from the Old Walnut Grove Tribune.

Walnut Grove Tribune.

As I’d just finished working at a publishing company when we visited Walnut Grove, I was interested in some of the printing equipment. Having visited a huge printing company when working for my last company, it was funny to see these small machines. The printers at the company I visited were like the size of an apartment, a LARGE apartment.

Printing equipment.

And when I saw Pa’s Fiddle, I about had a heart attack! I mean it’s Pa’s fiddle!!!!

Pa's fiddle!!!

So, I have one more post to go for this day and I swear, we do eventually leave Minnesota. Who in the hell knew we’d end up spending so much time in Minnesota?!


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