On the Road, Day Four, MN, part one

On Friday, September 4, 2009, we woke up in Rochester, MN. We hadn’t gone to Wal-Mart the night before due to my allergies/exhaustion combo. SO, we stopped and got yet ANOTHER McDonald’s brekky and then to the Wal-Mart near our hotel. Kristyn stayed in the car with the kids while I bought every useless item in the history of mankind. Since we thought we were going to stay at a KOA (Spoiler: It never happened, boooooo!), I bought sheets, pillow cases and a comforter that took up so…much…damn…space in el carro. I also bought another portable carrier for the wee animals bc taking so many damn trips to the car and back to smuggle them in was giving us agita. I also bought a handy-dandy litter scooper/brush/dustpan combo to keep the hotels spic and span when we left as well as a shit-ton of puppy pads to put in the bottom of the travel carriers in case anyone had an accident. *Thanks to the Baby Jesus for that brainstorm!* I also got us a bunch of snacks and food: PB&J, Oatmeal Cream Pies (which made Kristyn’s eyeballs turn into little swirls of delight), chips, blahblahblah. We took another looksie at:

World's Largest Ear of Corn

And then got on the road again intending to get the hizzy out of Minnesota and onto South Dakota. (Spoiler again: This does not happen as a bunch of delightful surprises happen.)

So Kristyn drove and I furiously crocheted. I am still finding little crocheted squares from this trip around the house and would not be shocked to find some in the car.

While Kristyn drove, I crocheted a hundred thousand squares.

We decided to get out of the car to take some pictures because it was so pretty here.

Side of the Road in Minnesota.

There were a lot of wind turbines on the side of the road and it was so pretty and nice to see.

Wind Turbines.

And then we saw this:

See Ahmadinejad? There are gays and lezzies everywhere!

When we were driving, we saw a sign for Blue Earth, Minnesota. Kristyn told me to look it up because apart from it being a cool name, it rang a bell to her. I looked it up and we both freaked out. Change of plans, we’re gettin off the highway!

To be continued…

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