On the Road, Day Three, WI, part one

On Thursday, September 3, 2009, we left our hotel in Illinois and got on Route 90. We had only taken 80 so far so 90 was a new ballgame. We soon found ourselves in Wisconsin, the land of the cheese!

Kristyn and a Map of Wisconsin!

Now we typically try to pare down our cheese intake but when in Rome, dudes. So we started looking for a good place to get our cheese on and in DeForest, Wisconsin, we found our place: Ehlenbach’s Cheese Chalet.

Ehlenbach's Cheese Chalet!

We had a titty attack when we saw it and pulled off the road. This is what we found inside:

Cheeses in pretty wax casings.

There were so many different kinds of fresh cheeses, crackers, bread, wines, homemade baked goods, souvenirs. It was so cute in there!

Life-size cow statue inside the Cheese Chalet.

They even let you sample the goods. We tried one cheese that was chocolate fudge flavored. Damn that shit was good. We ended up buying some cheese and crackers and a coupla postcards. Ugh so good.

Then we went outside to take pictures of the giant cow they had outside. Love it.

Kristyn insisted on having her picture taken with the cow's ass. I like it.

I had terrible allergies for some reason that day. Oh and don’t worry the animals were in the car but we were only in the Chalet for a hot minute and the windows were rolled down. We kept running to check on them.

Kristyn definitely wanted a picture of the veins on the cow's udders. I think it was a good choice myself.

But I can’t say they were thrilled with our need for pictures of udders and ourselves.

Kristyn is taking pictures with her iPhone in front of the Cow and Cheese Chalet.

Who could blame them? But the pictures were necessary methinks.

Me and the Cow.

We got back in the car and set back off on our way, eating cheese and crackers until we couldn’t take it anymore. A coupla hours later, we stopped at a weird little rest stop that had this out front:

I LOVE that the station is called Cow 97...

I guess because my allergies were bothering me, I started whining about wanting to get out of the car and take more pictures. It may seem like we’ve done a lot at this point but if you figure it took us eight hours to get to the other side of PA, eight more hours to get to Chicago and then about six hours to get to where we were in Wisconsin, that is twenty-two hours in the car with only a coupla lookyloo stops. I was bored, yo. So we stopped and took this picture:

Wildflowers in Wisconsin.

And this one:

This truck is probably carrying the cookie you have in your hand right...this...second.

We were just going to drive a couple more hours and find a place to stop when we saw a sign that made us stop the car dead. We pulled up to this place:

Unassuming from the outside, right?

We knocked on the door and were let inside by a nice man who introduced to:

This guy.

That guy above is alive but I can’t say the same for these guys:

I'm no fan of hunting but this is impressive.

Cuz we found ourselves inside the a Taxidermy Studio!!!

Don't worry, he's friendly.

To be continued…

One thought on “On the Road, Day Three, WI, part one

  1. 1 – i still don’t understand why the giant cow *needed* to be so anatomically correct to have veiny utters. eek!

    2 – is that a speaker in that giant cow’s mouth? did she moo!!!

    3 – two vegetarians in a taxidermy studio. um. what???

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