On the Road, Day Two, IL, part two

After we left Indiana, it wasn’t that far of a ride to Chicago, Illinois. Neither of us had ever been so we were excited to see it. We didn’t get to walk around in the city too much because we were kind of consumed with finding a place to stay because we were starving. On the road, we usually ate breakfast and then junk all day and then dinner whenever we got where we were going. We averaged about ten hours on the road per day, leaving between 7 and 9am and stopping between 5 and 7pm, sometimes forging on until 8 if we made a lot of stops.

But when we got to Chicago, we got to drive around in the Lake Michigan area which was nice.

Chicago Tribune

We didn’t get a lot of pictures of Chicago because we thought we’d find a hotel, boomerang right out again and then have plenty of time to walk around.

The train tracks are above the roads.

As it were, the hotel we stayed in was outside of Chicago because anything actually IN Chicago was crazy expensive and we didn’t want to spend the money. We found a great hotel but it was on the outskirts of Chicago, forcing us to drive through a ton of rush-hour traffic. But it was so pretty:

Edith chilling on the King-size bed...smart cat.

When we stopped in PA the night before, we were honest about the pets. The woman was fine with that and authorized my debit card for the price of the room and was about to charge me $15/animal (4 animals!). I couldn’t back out of the room because when your card is authorized, it sometimes can be held for two weeks. But I couldn’t afford to pay for $60 in charges either. I talked her into charging me once and we were extra-careful. Because of this, we kept the animals on the DL for the rest of the trip. Not the most ethical thing I’ve ever done but we were extremely careful about cleaning up after the animals, leaving zero trace and tipping the housekeeper well.

This hotel room was probably the nicest place we stayed.

When we brought the animals in, it was constantly a long, involved process of sneaking in two under cover while the other one stayed with the other two animals. Then we had to get the other two and all of our stuff and bring it in. We had litter boxes, food, clothes, toiletries…tons of stuff. We eventually learned to pare our stuff down and only bring in what we absolutely needed. It still took forever and a day though.

Kristyn starting our hotel ritual.

But once we got into the hotel, we were relieved. Relieved to be off the road, relieved to have the promise of grub, relieved to let the animals out…

Me classin up the joint, as usual.

By the time we got all the animals in (our timing was still being ironed out at this point), sat down and relaxed, changed and got ready, we were STARVING! Our friends Vanessa, Mike, Katie and Mark recommended a Vegan restaurant called “The Chicago Diner” to us. Sounds good to us. It was at this point that we realized that we’d gone back in time (Central Standard Time) and gained an hour. This was ga-reat news since we got a late start getting out of the hotel and were afraid that the restaurant would close soon.

Kristyn outside the Chicago Diner.

But we got there with way more than enough time! It was small and cute in there and there were hipsters aplenty. We ordered Vegan Buffalo Wings on Vanessa’s insistence. Oh ma fn god were they good!

Vegan Buffalo Wings...so good.

Then we ordered Philly Cheeze Steaks on our own insistence. They were not as great as we thought they’d be but still good nonetheless. Shoulda gotten a Dagwood.

Vegan Philly Cheeze Steak with Sweet Potato Fries!

Then again at Vanessa’s insistence and our own, we ordered vegan milkshakes. This was a delicious mistake. My overexcited, overeager belly was not prepared for this turn of events. I know I’m large and in charge but I am NOT used to eating this much in one sitting. Appetizers, Meal AND Milkshakes? I don’t know what we were thinking. Mine was Peanut Butter and Chocolate though and kicked my ever-loving ass. Kristyn’s was chocolate and so damn good.

Vegan milkshakes sent me over the edge. So damn good.

We got back to the room and I was almost dying. Like you know how sometimes on like, Thanksgiving, you eat so much that like your abdomen is swollen and you can’t close your pantalones? This is what happened to me. It was the worst. I was absolutely miserable. Monster and Elvira were happy to see us though.

Monster and Elvira chilling in the room.

We came in, put on our pajamas straight away and got right into bed. Monster joined us and I passed out immediately. This was a really great day.

Monster laying in bed with us.

And so yeah, we didn’t get to see as much of Chicago as we’d wanted but what we saw we liked a LOT. I would definitely love to visit this city again soon. I would even consider living here it was so nice. It was sort of different than I expected. I don’t know what picture I had of it but it was different than that and better than that. Def go to Chicago if you get a chance, you won’t be sorry y’alls.

*Oh ALSO, in case you’re wondering why the quality of the pictures vary so much. I am posting pictures I took with my DSLR and with my iPhone. Sometimes I didn’t capture what I needed to on my Nikon and only got a shot with my iPhone and to accurately show the chronology of what happened, I’m using both.

2 thoughts on “On the Road, Day Two, IL, part two

  1. chicago is one of the places i’ve always wanted to see. my cousin was there for a couple months and i kick myself all the time for not jumping on a plane and visiting.

    • It was awesome, you’d love it. It was very pretty and very cool. I liked it a lot. I’d even live there that’s how much I liked it. We didn’t see a whole lot of it though so I’d be down for a trip if ya wanna! Naturally there’d have to be some serious coordination haha.

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