Thanksgiving in California is delicious.

So as I said in my last post, Kristyn had to work on Thanksgiving Proper (Thursday, November 26), so we had our Thanksgiving on Friday, November 27th. We slept late, got up and had a leasurely breakfast. Then we drank tea and watched “A League of Their Own” on the couch. After that, “Sleepless in Seattle” came on and we decided to start cooking. On Thursday night, while Kristyn was at work, I’d pre-cooked some of the food. I’d made the Green Bean Casserole, Sweet Potatoes, peeled a ton of potatoes and made the:

Turnips and Carrots! This is one of those Grandma Barr recipes that I have to have for it to feel like a holiday.

So while we watched “Sleepless in Seattle” (Kristyn used to have the soundtrack but never saw the movie, OMG), we started cooking everything. Since I’d already pre-peeled a lot of the potatoes, I started chopping them up as well as the carrots and onions for the Tofurkey. I use the directions to prepare the Tofurkey from the box but with some changes. On the box it says to use three tablespoons of oil with one tablespoon of soy sauce. It says to cut up like three potatoes, two carrots and some onion and put it in the dish. You are supposed to use half of the oil/soy sauce dressing and pour it over the tofurkey, cover, bake. I cut up probably about six potatoes, three carrots and half of a giant red onion and put the Tofurkey in a 9 x 13 dish. Therefore I doubled the oil/soy sauce ration. Six tablespoons oil (I used Canola bc that’s what I had but last year I used Olive and it was just as good) and two tablespoons soy sauce. Then I added Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Paprika and Pepper into the dressing and whisked it all together. I poured the whole bowl over the Tofurkey and veggies then sprinkled them all with the seasoning again, covered with foil and baked it for an hour and fifteen minutes on 350. Here is the Tofurkey I used (for those non-veggies reading this):


Here is what the whole thing looks like prepped and ready to go in the oven:

This is the Tofurkey all ready to go in the oven.

So then Kristyn decided to vaccuum to make the house nice “as if there were people coming over”. But, alas, she didn’t get far because the vaccuum is broken:

Kristyn feverishly vaccuuming with our broken vaccuum. (I broke it trying to suck up hay from the bunny, oops, haha.)

Edith chilling on her perch, tolerating her mothers.

After Kristyn vaccuumed, she started making Greebies. It’s a Lithuanian family recipe that Kristyn’s family eats on holidays. So good!

Kristyn and Greebies!

Done Tofurkey and Boiling Potatoes.

Here is the Tofurkey done and out of the oven!

These are the Garlic Mashed Potatoes I made. They happen to be the only good mashed potatoes I have ever made!

Here's Elvira sitting on our cat hair-laden couch. Our vaccuum is broken, boo hoo.

Food heating on the stove, mushroom gravy is almost done!

Kristyn does some last-minute dishes.

Here's Monster sleeping through all the chaos (on my Rocky IV Quilt), as usual. So cute.

Me smiling because my work is almost done!

Here is our spread, starting with my plate! There are not enough reasons to eat cranberry sauce in this world, I tell ya.

Here's Kristyn being a food paparazzi...All that preparation and we insist on taking a million pictures first, haha.

Time for pies! Pumpkin and a mistake pie. I meant to buy apple but instead bought this apple/cherry/raisin robo pie that is not as good as it sounds. Bad Coleen, bad.

There was a startling moment where we could not find the Cool Whip. We took turns looking for it, there was blame, there was panic. It had been pushed into the back of the fridge and we found it! *Whew!*

So after that, we ate pie and watched “Heathers” on the couch. This was a very relaxing and fun Thanksgiving! We missed our family and friends but on Saturday night, we got a chance to Skype with our friends at their own Thanksgiving Part Two:

This is Mike's body showing us a baguette. It is an awesome coincidence that the video cam appears to be his head.

This is Ray and Mike! Everyone's at Tiffany's House!

So Thanksgiving was officially a success!

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in California is delicious.

  1. Hahaha, thanks! We find it important to keep up with unimportant rituals such as “vaccuuming as if someone were coming over”, haha.

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