The Story of LA: Leaving Kearny

So our like big BIG moving day was Sunday, August 30th, my brother’s 19th Birthday. We worked our fingers to the absolute BONE that day and were up until at LEAST three in the morning. We had planned to leave on Monday, August 31st at like 6am. But as we fell onto the air mattress, we made a wise decision to park it for a day and just RELAX. I’ve outlined this day in a previous post so I won’t re-bore you.

Anyway, we DID relax but also had a LOT more to do than we thought. We got up pretty early on Tuesday, September 1st and started getting last minute crap together and packing the car. The animals were extremely anxious and worried. I was like at wits’ end. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt bitchier in my LIFE than those last few weeks before we moved, I was just so dern frazzled all of the time and trying to hold it together. It was a lot of pressure, we had a lot to do and a lot of people to say goodbye to. I had been holding back from getting emotional by just focusing on the task at hand. This was easy because there was a neverending list of tasks at hand to keep me composed. The closer we got to having no more tasks though, the closer I got to losing my shit. Kristyn’d been having a hard time with the “saying goodbye to everyone” part of leaving. Not that I hadn’t but it was really, really bothering her. So I stayed the straight guy while she fell apart and sometimes she stayed the straight guy while I fell apart. So this last day, we were both excited to get this show on the road already.

After we’d fit all we were gonna fit into the Relocube and packed all we were gonna take in the car, it was time to bring the animals out:

Here's a picture of our House with the Relocube next to it. That tiny cube holds the entire contents of our entire apartment here, haha.

Kristyn's walking Elvira out of the house for the last time. Things are going well...

Okay, one down, three to go. Elvira is a little worried.

Here's a scuffle that happened when Kristyn brought Monster out of the house. Things are starting to get hairy.

They know something is up and frankly, they don't like it.

Chucky coming out is smooth enough.

Edith was pretty trouble-free too.

Here is Kristyn loading Edith into her prison cell, I mean, comfortable travel carrier.

So then I went in to the house for one last look around. Here is our lonely, clean bathroom. I'm melancholy.

Oh happy, pretty, yellow kitchen! How many good times I've had in here! Weekend breakfast rituals, parties with friends...I'll miss you!

And see you later fishies, hallway and stove. We've had some good times...I was starting to get emotional.

We couldn't take our fish with us. Kristyn's parents thankfully took them. Bye Nicole Ritchie! Bye Billy Idol! Mommy misses you already! *Tears starting to well*

Oh the pretty view of the back yard. So cheerful to look out the window and see a pretty yard. *Trying to control my breathing*

Oh Kristyn's bright, so clean. Kristyn took good care of you and I'll miss you too. *Wiping silly tears off my cheeks*

My bedroom...Oh you were so pretty! So purple! *OMG ARE WE REALLY DOING THIS?! Panic is setting in.*

This is the Dining Room looking into the living room. *Open sobbing*

This is the front room, AKA Chucky's room. Chucky and the cats loveloveloved it in here. *Oh my God Chucky won't have his own room why are we doing this?! Hysteria setting in.*

Living Room looking into the Dining Room. *I can't take it anymore! I have to get out of here! Totally lost my shit at this point*

So basically, I held myself together until the last minute. I hate endings and I hated this one. I, at first, did not even want to move into this apartment for one reason: Because it’s owned by Kristyn’s parents and is so nice, I was terrified that we’d LOVE living here and never, ever want to leave, negating my California Dreams forever. I was right. I loved living here SO MUCH that leaving here was a huge CON on why we should stay. I mean, in reality, Kristyn’s parents are going to put the house on the market once it’s profitable for them to do so again but I REALLY…did not…want to…go. Apart from the drama with the upstairs guy and the downstairs nutjobs, we had a really, really pleasant time living in this apartment. We had a lot of space, all the animals had a lot of room to spread out, they had their own room for Christ’s sake…And we had a lot of good times here, just us alone and with inviting people over. I guess moreso than people, this affected me because I was definitely closing a good chapter in my life. And if we’d stayed, we’d still be making happy memories there. What it really came down to was if we stayed, would we ever get up the courage to make happy memories out here? We wouldn’t have had a bad life either way. Back there we had lots of family, lots of friends, good jobs, lived near NYC, had plenty of things to do and see but we were BORED. Kearny is a cute town and it’ll always be home. We just wanted to try living somewhere else…And as cute as that apartment is, it will ALWAYS be in Kearny.

So we took a chance…and I was sad because leaving that apartment made it real that we were leaving. I could say goodbye to everyone I know and love and for some reason, although it was stressful, I could excuse it away. I think in my head I went to like a “safe place” and thought, “Oh this is like any other time I’m saying goodbye. It’s just see you later.” But when I left the apartment, like the gravity of what we were doing hit me like a ton of fn bricks and I was like inconsolable for a little while. When I say I was sobbing, I mean I was sobbing. Ugly crying, the whole nine.

And when I finally got outside and in the car, Kristyn was ready to par-tay! She had been so worried and sad for so long that now that everything was done, she was soooooo over it. She was ready to party and have a good time and leave and get on with it.

We stopped at the gas station on Midland Ave and I cried over it. We passed the gross Chinese Food place on Kearny Ave and I sighed. I managed to pull myself together for a hot minute and when we pulled into the Bagel Bistro to get one last Onion with Scallion, I lost my damn mind again. “Bagel Bistro!!!!!!!!! Waaaahaaaaa…” Crying while eating a cream cheese bagel is NOT a hot look.

We had to drive past everything in town that we’ve been seeing all our lives and loathing. It was sad to see the Arlo…Shop Rite…and the bat factory that blew up in 1986 and no one bothered to clean the rubble up…the emptied out factories that used to be something and now are nothing…Tops Diner…I couldn’t even look anymore. And we got on the highway to start our new life.

So I have more pictures from that first day once we got on the road. I’ll post them later if I can take it. Lotta posts today, haha. I just want to get them all written. I’m so afraid I won’t write all this stuff down for myself and forget it later. This might all seem like sentimental bucocky to you (and it is) but all of this has been a major change in my life and I’m recording it for me and Kristyn and anyone else who has some time to kill and/or is curious.

Good times.

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