The Story of LA: Going Away Party Edition

Now I know we also covered the Going Away Party but there’s aaaalways mooooore. Coincidentally, the party happened to fall on Michael Jackson’s birthday. If you know any of the people in these pictures, then you know you’re looking at some hardcore Michael Jackson fans. Who the hell knew that an ill-advised taller-than-lifesize dummy of Michael Jackson would come in handy on SO MANY occasions! Oh the hilarity!

We begin our evening with Ray whispering secrets into MJ's ear. MJ is thrilled.

Kristyn and MJ get kind of...friendly.

Aleix and Michael are so close that they are known to walk on the Wildwood Boardwalk like this together. They're in love and they don't care who knows it!

Silvia, Ray and MJ are always clownin around together. Oh you guys!

I've immortalized Angie in a moment of abandon!

Silvia, Michael, Kristyn, Angie and Ray pose for the Paparazzi.

This is everyone engaged in their solitary pursuits in a down moment of the party. We all took a much deserved breather from the excitement.

And Chewy came to see us!!! Aleix and Cristina are happy to see him.

Nothing like inviting your friends over to hang out with your inflatable mattress...

Silvie Sophie made a pretty buttafly.

I had released the Halloween costumes into the party (obviously) and Ray managed to give himself bangs using a beard, use my Prostitute costume to make himself into a Pink Lady and get MJ in on the act. Good times.

Ray and Angie getting sexual, as usual. God get a room! (Them's just jokes.)

We had a great time with everyone and were sad to see everyone go!

2 thoughts on “The Story of LA: Going Away Party Edition

  1. The Crying Game Lady was at a supermarket trying to get below market price snack cakes? What? I just died laughing reading about the face fondling! That woman took me on an emotional roller coaster. I’ll never be the same but at least we didn’t have to call the cops on her.

  2. Haha, yeah, she was. She screwed us over again during the house sale and then I actually RAN INTO HER in Digga. She was trying to talk the cashier down on some Little Debbie cakes. So I was like, “Do I know you? Yeah I do.” She was kind of like, “Oh no you don’t know me.” I said, “Yeah you were at my house sale.” She was like, “Oooh, yes that’s right, yes I was.” I said, “So is this, like what you do? Do you own a store that you sell this stuff at?” She said no and I started getting angry and yelled at her as you saw in the post, haha. She went to touch me at one point and I said, “No don’t touch me!” Haha. I think I was so stressed out and looking for a reason to blow off a little steam. And she walked into the wroooong house to swindle someone haha.

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