First California Thanksgiving!


Today is Thanksgiving and all over the US people have now stuffed themselves to the gills and are passed out all over living room furniture from coast to coast. I love Thanksgiving. A) Because of the food (obviously). B) Because it’s a gift-free holiday that you can just sit back and enjoy. I’ve been on the preparation end of Thanksgiving meals and it IS a nightmare to prepare your house, spend your money and try to dot every last “I” and cross every last “T” only to have your snot-nose family members come over and think the whole thing happened with a swish of a wand. Been THERE. BUT although I love giving and receiving gifts on Christmas, it just kind of causes a clusterfudge of anxiety that just kind of stresses us all out. So, “Ahhhh Thanksgiving”. Haha.

Me and Kristyn aren’t having our meal today. She has to work unfortunately so I am just hanging around chilling and waiting for her to get back. We Skyped with my Mother, Brother, Grandmother, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins and talked on the phone with everyone else. It wasn’t the same as being there but it was definitely a nice substitution. Thank bejesus for technologia.

This is me, my Mom and Brother Skyping.

Also, I made myself a broke down version of Thanksgiving dinner. We went to Whole Foods the other day for the Tofurkey and found a packaged of sliced Tofurkey that was flavored like stuffing and cranberry sauce. WHAT?! So we bought that and omg it smells and tastes just like Thanksgiving!!! So here’s the white trash Thanksgiving meal I had, haha:

Three slices of Stuffing and Cranberry Tofurkey (heated in the microwave)
A buttered hot dog bun (haha)
Instant Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Cranberry Sauce

I know that sounds SO, SO terrible but honestly, shit was hella good. Tomorrow we have EVERYTHING. I’ll post pictures of our vegan Thanksgiving and it will make your mouth water. Don’t worry it is NOTHING like the above, nary a hotdog bun will be in sight. In fact, I have a picture of the future and this is what it looks like:

What my table will look like tomorrow.

And Kristyn had some Thanksgiving food at work so she was at least looking forward to that but in the end, here’s what she texted me in regards to it:

Ate some food. Found hair in it, blech.
Plus it’s cold.

(Woo=misery sound)

So yeah, she’s not digging work on the holiday. I wish she were here but it’s okay because tomorrow we are going to be fat pigs and eat until we have to help each other to the bathroom to purge. It’s going to be disgusting and you’ll love it.

What else, what else…I guess that’s it. I’m going to watch that Matt Lauer “People of 2009” Thingamagig…also I want to watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”. I will continue to try not to eat our Pumpkin or Apple pies that are sitting…so close…right there…get off the chair Coleen, you could have your face buried in it before you even knew what you were doing…STOP.

Oh AND Kristyn gave the cats Turkey and Giblets canned food today and they shunned that shit. Well Edith didn’t because homegirl is still so traumatized from her early life that she will eat literally anything put in front of her, but Monster and Elvira…they’ve always had it sort of good so what do they care? Elvira who was out on the street when I found her had to have come from somewhere but was pretty skinny when we took her in. She usually eats her portion, moves onto Monster’s and will take a stab at Edith’s if she’s not vigilant. Monster is usually afraid of what Elvira will do to him if he approaches his own food bowl so this is nothing especially new. Still, methinks those babies forgot what it’s like to suffer! I will make them suffer with kisses and hugs!!! So cruel.

I’m going to try to write more of the Roadtrip blog in a little while. It takes a long-ass time to do them though! See ya later. Oh and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

P.S. The guy who wrote the musical score to Mary Poppins (Richard Sherman) was on TV before! He is 81 years old now. He had read the book by Pamela Travers on a friend’s recommendation and he and his brother had started coming up with music to go with the story just because they liked writing music. After writing a couple of songs for Annette Funicello, they got a little bit of notariety. When Walt Disney had started considering making a movie out of Mary Poppins, they went to him with the music they’d created. He took them on and the rest is history. He said, “As the old saying goes, luck is what happens when preperation meets opportunity.” I’ve heard that before but I love that! Watching him made me miss my family a bit as did watching the Macy’s Day Parade but mostly, I am just happy today and excited for tomorrow!


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