Internship and Miscellaneous Blatherings

Hi guys!

I haven’t done a straight up “So here’s what is going on” blog in a while. I’ve only been inclined to blog when I want to flip my shit on someone or talk about Muppets so here goes nothin.

California, so far, is beyond incredible. I can’t believe this is my life. Apart from the fact that I miss my family and friends, I have to say that this is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I feel so light-hearted and happy all the time. I’ve had a few moments of angst since I’ve been here but I think it’s BECAUSE I’m happy. Like the fact that someone would try to piss on this makes it that much more “Aaah!”.

And what’s so funny is that even though me and Kristyn have been loosely planning this move for-like-ever, we still didn’t even know if it was even going to really happen until July, about a month before we left. I mean I gave my job a month’s notice and left in the end of August. We only JUST decided to take this lounge for real right before I gave my official notice. I can’t imagine if we hadn’t made that decision, so many good things have happened since then because we chose to do it. About a month and a half before we left, I told my boss Jessica that I’d been thinking of leaving and that odds were I was. I’d come to her unsure bc I wanted to ask if I could work from home if I left and keep my job. It didn’t work out (large in part bc of the economy and why keep someone on if the company can save $$, sucks but is reality). But I took a chance and she was excited for me. She said, “Sometimes you have to leap and the net appears.” Honestly, that was what kind of sealed it for me. (Jessica please do NOT feel guilty if this takes a nasty left turn haha.). I mean truth be told, I was looking for the confidence to go through with it and that made me decide to just take a leap of faith and it’s paying off! I still don’t have a job but Kristyn does. Money is tight and so we can’t go out and do much but it’s okay…we always have a fully stocked fridge, the animals are happy and (over) fed, I got an internship with Lionsgate films (!) and Kristyn might get an internship too! Plus, we are in LA!!! What is not to love?! I can’t get over that we LIVE in a place that sparks people’s imaginations the of the entire world. It’s so bright and colorful here. The buildings are painted in bright colors. There are murals painted everywhere. The palm trees, the wide streets, the nice cars, the blue sky, it’s always sunny, people are friendly, everyone rides bikes, the architechture, the store are CLEAN, BIG, MANY…

Also, I was going through our pictures from the road trip this whole past week and neither of us can even believe we did that. We drive cross-country! Well Kristyn did. I offered to drive all the time but at some point she decided that as a personal goal she wanted to drive it all herself which was so impressive. As goals go, that’s a pretty big one haha. We just stopped whenever it struck our fancy and had lots of snacks and bevs. But going through the pictures, it’s hard to imagine that we actually were IN some of these places, they’re so dreamlike and pretty. I’m going to post blogs about them and links to my flickr so you can peep’m if you wanna see what the middle of America looks like from a nutbag’s perspective (that would be me).

Anyway, enough self-congratulations. I am on my way to Lionsgate. Guys, I am so glad to be there! Everyone is so nice and is really making me feel welcome! And so far, I get to sit down all day and read scripts and write synopsis and analysis. I’m a script analrapist like Tobias, well not quite the same. Either way, I’m glad to be there.

Also, tomorrow it’s Thanksgiving! We are celebrating on Friday bc Kristyn works tomorrow. We’re going to loom in on our families’ parties though via Skype. We did it with Christine last night and here are the results:

Our stupid computer kept shutting down for some reason though, boo! Okay gotta go, I’m almost there. Time to pay attention haha…

Edit: I wrote this this morning and my WordPress app would NOT deliver the goods. So *here goes nothing, I hope it posts*

“Sorry Billy, Happy Pony is on. And I am NOT missing Happy Pony.”

I finally finished my blanket!

Me walking around in Santa Monica

Christmas in Glendale!

Kristyn attacking Monster and Elvira

This is the Target in Glendale! Three floors!

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