San Diego!!!

A couple of weekends ago a good friend of ours, Silvy Sophie Rodrigo (aka Silvia) came to see us, well came to see San Diego which isn’t far from us…Silvia is considering a big move herself and wanted to see what all the noise was about. We met up with her on Saturday night, walked around, chatted and supped. Here is the photographic evidence of this endeavor:

Silvia and Kristyn yukking it up at Balboa Park.

Silvia and Kristyn yukking it up at Balboa Park.

Koi Pond

That is actually a Koi Pond.

Other way.

Facing away from the Koi Pond.

Kristyn and Silvia Walking

Kristyn and Silvia Walking



Hallway and lights

There are all of these kind of outdoor hallways that you can walk through. So pretty.

Fountain and Moon

This is a fountain in the park with the moon. I almost stepped right into the fountain.

Facing the other way

The sky was really weird that night.

Outdoor Mall

This is an outdoor mall that Silvia took us to to park. It was closed and looked like it had been for a hella long time but they let us in a walk around for a good long time, no one said a word.

Silvia and Kristyn

Walking down a ramp in the Mall.


The rich people know how to do things right.


This is still the Mall! If this Mall were in NJ, that shit would be tagged up on and ruined. We don't know how to act right around splendor...*shaking head*

Parking Garage

Even the parking garage levels were beautiful!


This is a club called Voyeur. They must have on in LA too bc I've been hearing about this like whoa lately.


Oh all of these street scenes, the Mall and the Clubs are San Diego's Gaslight District.


Not the sharpest picture but look at this building! Awesome right?


Us guys. Silvia put her camera on top of the car and we took this as we were dropping her off. We realized we didn't have any group pictures and took this hawt one last second haha...

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