Carrie Prejean is the worst and here’s why.

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The Deeevil.

I don’t watch Beauty Pageants, I’m just not interested. It’s not a “stand”, it’s just not interesting to me. When Perez Hilton asked Carrie Prejean her views on gay marriage, she responded that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Obviously I do not agree. I did not like, though, how the next day and weeks following, he created a hate parade about it. I mean I think she has a pretty outdated, prejudiced attitude but I mean there was only one way she could have answered his question without being ripped a new one and that’s not fair. Here’s how it all began:

So, yeah she’s an idiot but she can be enlightened and maybe learn something from it at this point. She wasn’t rude or derogatory at all. He, however, went bananas on her:

He just always manages to take it to a level…

Then all that blahblahblah cross-talk happened.
* Pageant says she’s not meeting her commitments
* She says her religious beliefs are being persecuted
* Nude pictures of her are released (which she says were “artistic” and done “when she was 17” and also “the wind managed to blow her top open”…come on…)
* We find out she got breast implants via the Pageant committee.
* Trump saved her post, then got rid of her…

All kinds of shit went down. And the longer it went on, the nastier she became. I mean it’s one thing to have an opinion, it is another thing entirely to join up with hate groups which she did (National Organization for Marriage).

And then…she sues the Pageant for all kinds of damages, including religious persecution and slander and SETTLES FOR NOTHING when a masturbation tape is brought up!!! And she went on Sean Hannity and called it the “worst mistake of her life”. Then like 7 more videos and 30 more nude pictures are released!!!!!

And then there’s this:

She seems like she was coached and just sticking to the “line” she was given. “It’s inappropriate, Larry”.

Now there is nothing inherently “wrong” with taking nude photos or whatever you want to do…I mean you are taking a risk but it’s your body, your risk and your life.

She is “the worst” because she has been on an almost year-long tirade about how certain “perverts” rights should be curtailed. She wants the right to get married, have kids, have sex with who she wants to, etc. She goes from “I’m sorry this is just my opinion” to commercials, speaking engagements, a BOOK?! I mean:

a) This is all very, very self-serving in THE MOST ugly way because in the beginning it just seemed like a personal opinion but then to make MONEY off trashing people’s right to life, liberty and happiness? How is that Christian?

b) So what she’s saying ultimately is that perverts don’t have the right to love but non-perverts have the right to make porn?

c) She just seems to be very self-righteous, ignorant and hypocritical.

d) She had the chutzpah it took to make almost 40 pornographic pictures of herself but then asked her boyfriend to tell the media that she was 17 when she made them so they can’t be posted. Since when is lying ethical?

I don’t know, my family are Christian and I was raised Catholic. Even if they don’t agree with same-sex marriage, they’d never want me or anyone else in a same-sex relationship to be unhappy or oppressed. And she is going out there on a “Christian” platform, representing a “Christian” idea. In other words, she’s making everyone look bad because she wants to make money. And she’s hurting a lot of people’s feelings to do it.

Sweetheart, you’re pretty. Stick with that. There’s a reason no one asks Kate Moss her political opinions. We don’t want to know and that’s good enough for her.

Another thing is that I feel kind of bad for her. If she’s 22 like she says she is, she has made a royal “Oops” of her life. You don’t know who you are or how you really feel at 22. What could have just been verbal diarhea has now turned into something she HAS NO CHOICE but to keep as a lifetime “moral” all because if she admits she’s wrong now, the wolves will tear her apart. Like these are the kinds of opinions a person has and then learns better when they make a friend who is gay/black/fat/disabled/whatever. They just don’t do it on national television and get blasted by like the nastiest man in entertainment (perez). So, yeah that sucks and I feel for her. BUT the commercial? The book? She’s taken it too far and become an accidental emblem of hate for someone like me which seems like the exact opposite of what she was trying to do, right? So who the hell does she have around her that is taking her down this path? She is STILL entitled to her opinion but WHOEVER is telling her to sue the California Pageant and book only anti-gay speaking engagements and write books and condescend to Larry King ONLY has $$$$ in their eyes. If she truly is a 22 year old girl, she is being taken for a frigging ride so that someone else can make money. Just as soon as whoever is pulling the strings cashes in, she’ll be dropped and we’ll still all loathe her. It truly is a damn shame. UNLESS she flips the script and becomes a fervent gay marriage activist…and then she’ll be the second coming of Mary. *Here’s hoping*

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