Lately and etc

I am writing this blog because I have something rilly RILLY important I’m SUPPOSED to be writing and can’t get into it. Some of you might notice that the beginning of my blogs always starts out all “Ahh..Um…Well…” and ends “…and THAT is why me and the President had to swap shirts at the party.” That is because my brain is hinky in the sense that it gets too confused when it is starting a new project. Too TOO many ideas start flowing and it’s hard to pick one and move in that direction. I find though that if I start a project suddenly and even aimlessly (even if I’m not ready), my brain gets into gear and goes, “Oh duh this is obviously what we should be doing.” So right now I am writing this blog to get my stubby fingers warmed up to the keyboard and have my brain fire off some thoughts and witty repartee in order to get into what I REALLY need to be doing.

That being said…Things are going really well here in LaLa land so far. I am SO. DAMN. HAPPY. LATELY. I don’t mean to rub that shiz in but I am happy and I don’t care who knows it! I know I’m all nouveau riche LA right now…but I just love this place. It’s like the perfect mix of everything I need in one place. It’s like as if the universe said, “Let us take the contents of Coleen Barr’s head and crap it out onto the planet and we shall call it the City of Angels when we want to seem clever but really we will call it Los Angeles!” It’s a city! By the sea! Near the mountains! Where vegetarian restaurants are aplenty! And pets are not frowned upon! And where for some reason my skin tans without burning or peeling! Where I am somehow able to live for two months without the benefit of income! And Roseanne is on the TV in marathon format every day! IDK, it’s just amazing to me. The one thing that sucks is that our family and friends are not here. The one good thing is that although they are not here, we live in a vacation destination which will likely draw said family and friends TO us and already has…YOU! The OLD ONE! Come closer…closer…clooooser…

And it’s not expensive here, not really. Well that’s not all true I spose. It’s only approximately as expensive to live here as it is in Kearny. Gas, food, electric, hot water, all pretty much the same. The cable and internet are waaay cheaper. There aren’t tolls on the roads all over the place…IDK. Like getting us here was way more expensive than living here. Oh! Speaking of which…I’m going to post exactly how much it cost us to get here, pretty much broken down to the penny as soon as I think of it. Then you can all move here. YOU! THE OLD ONE! Come closer…

Oh yeah and so far here are the celebrities we have seen:

Daisy de la Hoya AKA Daisy of Love

I feel like there is another one but I can’t think of it. And we saw a red carpet yesterday but it turned out to be nada. BUT we finally saw Paparazzi which is something I’ve never seen before. I’ve seen tons of celebs and even red carpets in New York but never once a Paparazzi before. In the last two days we’ve seen two clusterfudges of them. Yippee! For some reason I expected more like…seasoned professionals? Instead it was a bunch of like dudes my age just standing around with DSLRs around their necks. I wonder if I showed up in cargo pants with my DSLR if I am qualified as a Pap?

Whatever. Oh I have another non-what-I-am-sposed-to-be-doing-thing to write that I am going to put in a separate post. Booyah.

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