Roseanne Barr is a goddamned genius.

Our friends Kathleen, Cristina, Aleix, Tiffany and Sandra came to visit us this weekend! We had such a great time, thank you guys for coming!! We weren’t able to do everything with them like we wanted but that’s why they’ll just all have to come back…

Anyway, me and Kristyn have been watching Roseanne marathons on Oxygen like whoa. We thought we had every season but the last one on DVD. Turns out there are two whole seasons between the last season and what we have. Aleix and Kathleen are also going through their “Roseanne-times” and so we talked about it at length. Aleix told me about the episode in the clip below and I have never seen this episode!!! Roseanne and Jackie pick up a hitch-hiking riot grrrl, hilarity ensues. God. I. Love. Roseanne. Seriously. Not only is the show beyond hysterical, it’s created, written by and starring a powerhouse fat woman. A powerhouse fat woman who put the first lesbian kiss on air, had frequent gay and lesbian characters, put Patsy and Edina on the show, AND played Bikini Kill. Ugh. Not enough credit. The woman’s a genius.

My Mom always says I’m Becky bc of my ‘tude and my need for perfection. Honestly I can see that but I see a lot of Darlene, Roseanne and Jackie up in this piece as well if you ask me.

Watch this entire clip if you can and don’t be put off by Jenna Elfman’s over the top gum chewing. She gets out of the car pretty soon and the rest of the clip is awesome.

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