Alone. Nary a plumber to get underfoot. Kristyn went to train for Job #1 at the pet sitting place. And here I am, all alone…*sigh*. I felt like I was sending my kid off to her first day of school. We’ve both been unemployed since the last week in August so our new “normal” has been waking up, eating breakfast, drinking our tea and watching a lil tv before starting our day. Said day usually consists of looking for jobs, running errands, cleaning something, dinner, then primetime tv. It’s not thrilling but this “job training” is definitely a little jarring haha.

And so here I am, lady of leasure, watching the View and writing this. The Duggars were just on, I believe she’s pregnado with her 19th kid? Oh my god. Goodonya lady. I guess it’s good to know what you want in life and go for it…Just amazing though.

Also, we decorated for Halloween yesterday! Finally. I’ve had this on my agenda for like two weeks and it’s not like we didn’t have the time…The part I think we both dreaded was taking the boxes out of the closet. We only just got’m IN there. I think we were both phobic about what mess taking them out again would lead to. But now it’s nice and cozy in here…two decapitated heads swinging noiselessly above the living room couch…a severed hand clutching the drumstick on the drum set for Rock Band, a severed foot on the pedal…(Kristyn’s clever doing)…an animatronic maggot writhing on the record player. Ah home sweet home. Makes me wonder what my Nana is doing right about now.

As of now we still have no plans for Halloween. Halloween in LA is awesome and we have no dinero to take part in it if we wanna feed ourselves. There are TONS of Haunted Houses, Universal Studios is only ten minutes away and Disney is maybe twenty or so…but we have to keep our belts tightened and try not to be sad…

Goo news though! Tiffany, Cristina, Kathleen, Aleix and Sandra are coming this week!!!!! Yaaay! They’re flying in on Thursday and staying until Sunday! Unfortunately Kristyn starts Job #2 (Main Job, Veterinary Office) on Thursday. Hopefully they won’t make her work through most of the weekend. *fingers crossed!* Anyway, we’re gonna go to Griffith Park, Malibu, Pink’s Hot Dogs (we should do that on a weekday bc the line is WAY shorter…we passed it twice on Saturday night, once at 11pm and once at around 1am and the line wrapped around the building both times whereas when I’ve passed it during the day, it’s just long but not like mind-numbingly so), and Knott’s Scary Farms!!!! I’m SO excited to go to Knott’s Scary! We went last year when we were here (it was exactly a year ago a couple of days ago) and had SUCH a great time. So anyway, we’re looking forward to a fun weekend and seeing our friends, good times.

Okay well I’d better get to stepping on imbibing my coffee to give me the energy boost I need to job hunt. Away we go!

Oh here’s a message from our sponsor:

Man how many chins does one ho need?

P.S. I am watching the end of “A League of Their Own” and weeping. Awesome.

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