Today and tonight

All day Thursday and all day Friday, a plumber was here “fixing” our bathroom. Our plumbing had been acting moderately weird for a couple of days but no red flags. On Wednesday night, oh may god. Total plumbing nuclear meltdown. Toilet doesn’t flush but drains into out neighbor’s toilet which overflows. Then it backs up and comes up in our bathtub. Kitchen sink overflows neighbor’s toilet. It’s a holy mess. So the landlord called the plumber and he was here all day Thursday and Friday. We woke up today and it happened all over again. I called the landlord and by the time she stopped by, naturally everything was working fine. When we went to go get ready, of course, the while shebang started again. There is SO MUCH dirty water in our bathtub it is sickening ugh. And this morning Monster jumped into it by accident which made us have to give him a bath! And while we were at it we gave Elvira one too…*sigh* so anyway the plumber AND the landlord will be here at 9am, 10am latest. Ugh.

The rest of the day was nice though. We had breakfast, watched Grey Gardens, I crocheted…the cats smelled good and sat in a sunbeam to dry off…we had a good time. But the bathroom thing made us crazy and want to get out of the house so we went to the movies at The Grove to see “Paranormal Activity”. It was pretty good but not as scary as I thought it would be. They DID master “dread” though. You spend the entire movie in a total state of dread. It actually made me feel kind of sick. Go see it if you get a chance. It did actually make people scream in the theater and I DID rip my thumbnails off in anxiety…haha…

Now we’re home and Kristyn put on the Golden Girls to comfort us. I had some hot chocolate too and am feeling very sleepy…(that’s why this blog is very dry and unentertaining haha…) Oh! We are 99% sure we saw Audrina from “The Hills” walking down the street in Hollywood tonight. That sort of fulfills my “seeing someone from the Hills” goal. It’s good to have lofty goals.

Oh and take a look at this picture. See if you can find what is out of place:

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