Faith and sleepiness

So it’s 9am and the new plumber’s here. I am on an jerky sleep schedule due to being “in between jobs” and my body is NOT ready to be awake until an hour from now at the very least. I have a lot of faith in this new plumber. He’s young, fresh-faced and sort of Asian. I’ve never had a sort of Asian plumber before and I kinda like it. There were two different plumbers the other day. The first one was polite but seemed like a bullshitter. He tried to pull that “if it’s not happening in front of my face, you must have dreamed it” thing until what I was saying happened in front of his grill. And the second plumber was a nice happy guy who for some reason was here all day and never entered our apartment just the guy next door’s. This guy is done already!!!! Either he’s full of kidinky dust or he’s the maverick I pegged him for (diagnosis: tampons + old plumbing = catastrophe). Upon further inspection methinks my sort of Asian plumber is NOT Asian at all and perhaps Hispanic. A point to the Hispanics! Sorry Asia, so close.

Maybe we can take a shower today…in the actual shower!!! Hurrah!!!


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