What I want.

I am probably going to delete the pictures and count on Flickr to exist until my untimely demise in 2109. I know this is probably rash. But let’s face it, half of them are cocky anyway. Maybe what I’ll do is go through them ON Flickr and save the ones I like best to another site so two sites would have to go belly up for me to lose all of my information. I really, really, really have to come up with a procedure for deleting crappy pictures, saving only the good and storing them.

Currently I’m trying to get 1600 pictures off of my iPhone. 1600. And some of them are already uploaded onto Flickr which means I have to go through them and see what has and what hasn’t been.

All of this is happening to me because with the move, fixing this problem has been my LAST problem to worry about. Now we’ve packed, we’ve driven 3000 miles, we’ve unpacked, we’ve job-hunted and now we must take the photos off of the cameras.

I wish this wasn’t such a boring post for you but I feel chatty and I’ve bothered Kristyn enough about this quagmire AND she’s also going through it on the other computer herself so there’s that.

Tomorrow we HAVE to do laundry. We did it two weeks ago and it is absolutely necessary that we do it again immediately. We were GOING to do it today but “Photo Drama 2009” happened with a side of “Kristyn’s job interview” and “More plumbing crap”.

In “Kristyn’s job interview” news, things are looking great! She has two offers, another interview and things are looking great for another job she is looking forward to accepting. Me, on the other hand, am having a garbage time of it. I think I need to refine my resume and cover page again. Also, once Kristyn gets a job, I’m going to apply for animal care jobs. They seem to be hiring. Kristyn definitely has a better resume than I do for this so she will definitely be a way stronger candidate than I am for this kind of job. And what I did before I left NJ is kind of non-existent here. So I can’t really hop back into Publishing so it’s kind of harder for me to find something. I think I’m over-qualified for some jobs (according to what they probably expect I’ll demand to be paid) and under-qualified for everything I want (though they probably assume I won’t accept entry-level or will demand to move up quickly). I’m going to put it out here exactly what it is I want. Hey maybe if I put it out there, someone will hear it and I will get what it is I want right?:

I want an entry-level position in a Media Company working on a Television Show!

I am willing to do an unpaid internship! (And have a side-job.)

I want to work as an apprentice to a Photographer!

I am willing to do an unpaid internship! (And have a side-job.)

There, that is what I want.

Now for “More plumbing crap”. The plumber left yesterday after working ALL DAY in our bathroom without telling us whether or not we could use the bathroom at all. He shot a quick “Oh I’m leaving, be back tomorrow” to our neighbor but that was it. I only know that because I overheard it. Anyway, we decided to go ahead and use the bathroom. At around 2 yesterday he DID say that the bathroom would be ready to use in an hour. True, he didn’t leave until 6 and he DID say that he’d be back today…but we decided that 9 hours was too long for a human to go without benefit of using the toilet and so we went and used it. So this morning, everything seemed on the up and up. Shower worked okay, toilet fine, sink great. Then a pool of water started seeping from underneath the toilet and it wouldn’t flush. Well the plumber came back today and told me that our toilet had overflowed all over the guy next door’s bathroom again. *Sigh* I am ASSUMING everything is okay to use again because we weren’t told to use or not to use the bathroom. And so here we are, in this perpetual limbo. Bathroom, jobs, pictures. What does it all mean?

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