Now I’m in trouble

The gmail goddesses have locked me out of my account. I have been trying to clean my pictures off my hard drive by zip-filing them and then sending them to an underused gmail account. Basically I have no dinero to spend on fancy flash drives, etc so I am taking the broke down (and tedious) way out. Unfortunately, this made gmail “flag” my account for suspicious activity and I may have “violated my terms of agreement”. Yes, you DO HAVE 78K MB of space available to you but if you USE it, you will get slapped. Apparently they want all non-email files to be stored on Picasa. You get 1 MB free and then every MB after said MB is gonna cost ya. Well I already pay for a Flickr Pro account and I have WAAAAAAY more than 1MB of pictures to store so that’s not going to work.

Damn just when you think you’re minding your own bidness.

3 thoughts on “Now I’m in trouble

    • I have a few but I decided to forget it. I’ll just put them on flickr and then make some prints if I need to. Store the good ones the old-fashioned way, hard-copy prints. OR I will have to see if I can get a CD made and sent to me. I can prob do it through Flickr I think.

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