Guys, I took so many dang pictures on that road trip and I want to post them up here. I can’t upload them though bc my computer is too full of pictures. I’m trying to take the pictures off the computer and save them to a CD but the computer won’t let me use perfectly good CDs (AND I tried DVD’s no such luck). So this leaves me at a bit of a loss bc I don’t want to take any more pictures until I’ve processed the ones I already have saved on my computer. And the ones on my computer HAVE all been uploaded onto Flickr BUT I have no idea whether or not Flickr will exist in 30 years…(and who knows if CDs will exist either) but I’d like a backup plan. And I thought of getting a flash drive but $10 for 25 disks vs $50 for a 4g flash drive…I have WAY over 4g of stuff to back up and I can’t buy a flash drive every time I go somewhere and shoot, haha.

Oh well. If anyone has some financially prudent advice for me, please PLEASE feel free to pass it along!!! And all of this sucks because I can’t install my webcam until I free up space on the computer. AAAH!


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