My 30th Birthday!

Hey everybody!!!

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a long time. I know I said I would blog my trip but our internet service was spotty at best, non-existant at worst (mostly non-existant). I will blog our experiences though (not that you care anymore) but because I want to remember all of the experiences we’ve had. We’ve just been hella busy and things are starting to (finally) calm down a bit.

More importantly, today is my 30th birthday!!! It was a great day. Me and Kristyn woke up late, ate cupcakes, watched The Office and 30 Rock and then went to Zuma Beach. After that we were going to do a list of things but ended up seated on the couch watching Medium and eating pizza. It was better than all the furiously busy things we had intended to do. And what’s funny is that, most people when turning 30 get worried about leaving their 20’s. Get worried about leaving their “youth” behind. I don’t give a shit about that. Youth is in your brain, IMHO. What’s more is that I had a lot of fun in my twenties, a LOT of fun…but ya know what? The past few years, I’ve become extremely wary of the sorts of stressful “fun” I had in my twenties. I am very grateful, relieved and exhuberant to leave that time in my life behind me. I can’t believe that I actually was able to close that chapter in Los Angeles and open a new one in Los Angeles as well. It’s been my dream for my entire LIFE to move here and I DID IT. I can’t believe I did it. And for that reason (along with a thousand others), I can’t wait to see what things this decade will bring.

Anyway, enough waxing poetic. I need to have a glass of water, a glass of wine, a cupcake and to watch Conan with Kristyn and the kitties…bliss!

Coleen :)

P.S. I promise to bloggy blog soon…a) I am starting the Great American Job Search next week and will surely have plenty of blank-stared hours in front of a computer screen, which will surely lead to some mad bloggy skills…and b) My friend Katie, proprietress of Wanderful, which I’ve mentioned before, is committing to blogging every single day. This is entertaining me and making me feel bad because it is reminding me of my own bloggy laziness. Please check out Katie’s blogathon at Good times.

P.S. #2 We just watched the shit out of “Nurse Jackie” on Showtime. I love Edie Falco so much it’s hard to understand. She’s just…so…awesome and weirdly comforting. I’m a wayback Oz Edie Falco fan, I gotta watch that show again…

P.S. #3 LA is awesome. So awesome. Everyone should live here.

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