Oh God

It’s Thursday and we’re on Day 3 of the road already. Sorry I haven’t updated since Friday night. God, guys the past few days took so much out of us (and everyone we know frankly). Here is a breakdown of the events since Friday leading up to Monday, September 1st:

Saturday, August 29th
We got up early and just DID all day. Cleaned, packed, moved boxes, took crap apart, the whole nine. The day is honestly a total blur for the most part. The night, however, was a lot of fun. We had a party at the house with our friends. We drank Sangria, played with MJ, ate Ray’s awesome tricolor noodle salad leftover from Martine’s first birthday (Happy Birthday Martine!)…Lori and Billy brought their English Bulldog puppy Chewbacca over and everyone had a heart attack over how cute he is. We got some awesome prezzies (webcam, Davis Sedaris “Naked” on CD, junk food, Madlibs, cat food/treats, a tshirt for Monster that says “Killer” on it that he looooves and wore all night…) Thank you so much guys for coming, for the prezzies and for being such good friends! Oh also, we unloaded some Halloween costumes on everyone, so there was a lot of frenzied costume-donning, which actually resulted in some hot looks. Good times.

Sunday, August 30, 2009 (Happy 19th Birthday Charles!)
I woke up on Sunday and started basically moving right away. We had time for a quick breakfast and then Kristyn’s parents came over. They helped us bring things downstairs, helped us clean, all kinds of stuff. We were both supposed to go out with Kristyn’s parents, brother, sister-in-law, nephews and niece but we had way too much to do so I stayed back. They went out to Shannon Rose. I picked up a bunch of stiff for the trip, picked up my Dad, met with Vanessa and Mike so they could pick up the yard furniture and then from there on I’m exhausted thinking about it. Kristyn and her parents came home and my sister came over. Me, my Dad, my sister, Kristyn and her parents worked our fingers to the bone and beyond until way past when any of us wanted to. Matt came over after work too and helped us mor stuff and pack the relocube. Thank you so much everyone, we really couldn’t have done it without you and we are forever your slaves. It was at around 12:30 am, while laying flat on the floor of the dining room with a shitload more to do that we decided it might behoove us to put off leaving until Tuesday. We figured we would take our tizime the next day, sleep late and chill…

Monday, September 1, 2009
We slept “late” until about 9 haha…we got up and decided to treat ourselves to one last brekky at the Rutherford Pancake House (GET the Roma tofu scramble, vegan Italian sausage, what?!). Then we ran some out-of-door errands, went to Grandma Barr’s house to chill. Grandma gave us tea and toasted rolls with butter and cheese and then threw us out so we wouldn’t get a parking ticket, haha…she was right too, the meter’d totally run out! (No ticket through, no worries) Then we went home and lackadaisically did things taking our sweet ass time vowing to finish everything and go to bed by 8, NO later. How foolish…how simple…At 2am, we were like ” We HAVE to go to bed…” it was all just stupid crap you think won’t take any time but does…ugh.

Tuesday, September 2, 2009
We got up at 7am and got moving. We did some odds and ends around the house, packed some final shiz into the cube, cleaned up, packed up the kids and said goodbye to our home. What’s weird is that I didn’t cry saying goodbye to my family and friends. I think bc I knew it was “Bye for now”, not “Bye forever”. I know I’ll be back and I know I’ll be in touch. But that apartment was such a positive part of my life. Good times were had there, it was pretty, it was comfortable…and here we were leaving that chapter, not bc we had to but bc we wanted to. I guess the finality of our decision kind of hit me when we left the apartment. Let me tell you, the animals were NOT happy either. We took them on a test drive on Sunday night and they were A-OK. On Monday morning though, it seemed like they knew that this trip was one way. They were like rioting. It sucked. They had it good there. And our next apartment promises to be a LOT smaller so that made me feel bad….

Anyway, we got bagels from Bagel Bistro and hit Route 80 West. The day was mostly uneventful. After days of endless work and mental fortitude, I finally was kind of emotionally spent. Kristyn, after being sad for days, was over it and ready to party. Me, having clammed up and dealing with the task at hand was ready for a pity party. So, we compromised and listened to David Sedaris “Naked” on CD (Thanks again Lori and Billy!)…we laughed, we ate stuff, we drove for 10 hours and finally just stayed at the first place who’d have us bc we were spent as hell. We ordered pizza and passed the hell out. Fin.

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