Moving’s hard y’all

Yesterday was Kristyn’s last day of work. She had a really great day. They had a little pizza party for her between appointments, gave her cards and prezzies, including HOWARD THE DUCK on DVD (OMG)!! She came home swollen eyed from crying because was so sad to leave that job. She’s gonna miss everyone there so much!!! Poor Krissy!

And unfortunately she didn’t have time to recover before it was time for action. I had already been in constant “moving mode” all day, taking apart furniture, packing, closing up packed boxes, cleaning…

My sister and Matt came over as Kristyn was getting home to help us move furniture. Christine works at a company where they make something called “stretch film”. Stretch film is basically gigantic roles of industrial Saran wrap. It’s used to wrap pallets of goods. Anyway, someone at her job scored us a sample roll to use to wrap the furniture. It was AWESOME. We were able to wrap part of the couch, the chaise lounge, the mattress, tables, cushions, all sorts of stuff to keep it from getting dirty and scuffed on the trip. (Pictures of wrapped furniture tomorrow.)

They helped us wrap everything and then lent us their muscles to drag the furniture downstairs. I might be a lapsed Catholic but I know that the baby Jesus will take them to Candyland for that.

So after we’d exhausted them and ourselves, we passed right the hell out on an air mattress in the living room.

We “came to” around 8am. My Dad called to say he was on his way to help but could only stay until about 11. So we got up, got him, had breakfast (Brothers’ Bakery rolls and butter!), ad started moving boxes. Damn he moved so much crap! He moved all the boxes that were ready and put it into the cube. He took all of the donation stuff and brought it downstairs AND packed it into the car…Awesome. Me, Kristyn and my back thank you and love you!

We took my Dad back home and donated our stuff to the Salvation Army. After that we went to two different banks, Kmart, had lunch (on the go), to the pet store and came home EXHAUSTED and listless. Kristyn almost blacked the heck OUT in the store. So we decided to take it easy for a lil bit and relax. This translated to three and a half hours of unconsciousness. It was so worth it. We woke up around 8pm, found out about DJ AM’s death (omg!), had dinner (veggie burg with facon on Brothers’ rolls with hash browns, so good and was something that must have come to Kristyn in a dream
bc she mumbled about it as she was waking up) and got started again after a lil more lackadaisical lolling about.

At this point we have gotten a LOT done. So happy! There’s still a lot more to do but I’m not so panicked.

Oh also while we were out today, we bought a First Aid Kit, some extra first aid supplies for ourselves and the animals AND I compiled a TON of first aid supplies from stuff we already have so we’re pretty set up well for the trip. Sunburn? We have relief for that. Nausea? Got it. Ear infection? No problem. Back pain? No need to worry. Finger needs a splint? Don’t mind if I do. I think you get the point.

So that’s that. I’ve Maxed myself out and this is what things are looking like. Maybe it’s time for bed again?

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