First day out of the workforce

So yesterday was my last day at Wiley. It was good in that it was like any other day. Less dramatic that way. This is probably the only job where I didn’t do melodramatic things like visit the kitchen area one last time or take a picture of a conference room “to remember” (although I did take one picture of my desk). It wasn’t that I didn’t like this job, I did. But I guess I’m just learning that nostalgia just kind of clutters things up. I guess I’m changing in that way.

Also, I have had about 20 jobs in my life. I think it gets a little easier to move on each time. Especially with all the social networking we are embroiled in, I know our paths will cross again. In fact, between facebook and myspace, apart from Wiley, I am still friends with people from six different jobs.

Here are some of the jobs I’ve held:
Hardware store
Counseling office
Waitress (twice)
Deli (twice)
The Gap (for a hot minute)
Bagel place
Hotel front desk clerk (four times)
Night auditor
Guest History Co-ordinator (whatever that means)
Roller coaster operator
Administrative assistant
Account representative
Assistant account manager
Production Editor

I’m DEFINITELY forgetting some.

And that’s a lot but I started working at 15. Some of them were for six months or less. But at least two were for approx 3 years, two for at least 2 years and about 5 for at least 1 year.

My Mom is forever asking me where I work NOW…haha. She was a dental assistant for about six months and then an RN for 30 years so this mentality astounds her. She got burnt out on nursing (she worked in the ER for most of her career) and took a job at Wal-Mart last year, just ringing people up. She found it relaxing bc even if people got mad at her, the likelihood of someone dropping dead in front of her was slim to none. This quality is always welcome in the workplace.

So now I’m unemployed. I thought I’d feel relieved but I don’t. It hasn’t sunken in yet and to be honest, I’m more than a little nervous. BUT, I’m taking a chance and if I didn’t, I know I’d be disappointed later in life.

One last thing, last night I switched into the Newark PATH train at Grove Street. I definitely looked like an idiot. Full grown woman carrying a stuffed bookbag (personal stuff from my desk at work), a plastic bag with hot pink sneakers in it and reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Slap a moron target on my pimpled nose.

Anyway, I got on and leaned against the wall. A young guy who was seated jumped out of his seat and kind of rushed to stand next to me. It was about 7:30 pm so the train wasn’t packed to the gills. I thought this was weird especially since the whole entire other wall of the train was empty…Maybe he just got up to let someone sit down? I forgot about him right away, so engrossed was I in my wee wizard fantasy.

Shortly after we pulled up at Journal Square (the stop before my stop), the conductor came up to me. I thought he was asking me to move to get at something I mightve been leaning on, they do that sometimes.

Instead he said, “Excuse me, you know this guy?!” Startled, I was like, “No, why?! What happened?!” I looked at the young guy who looked like he was going to defend himself. Before he could, the conductor said, “Back UP! Back up offa her dude! You’re standing too damn close!!” The young guy moved back a bit and looked guilty. I kind of gave the guy a dirty look and thanked the conductor.

I got off the train at Harrison and saw the conductor in the window of the next car. I said, “What happened? Was he doing anything?” He said, “No he didn’t do anything but I was watching him and he was getting way too close to you and I was pretty sure you didn’t know him. I just wanted to embarrass him and make him back up off of you”. I thanked him and walked away.

Serously how weird was that?! I mean the guy mighta been harmless but why had he darted out of his seat and stood so close to me? And it wasn’t bc he thought I was a hot piece bc I’d JUST gotten on the train and everyone knows that of you see a hot piece out in public that the odds of you actuallly approaching that person are slim-to-never-going-to-happen. I think I was some kind of target. I know he didn’t take anything from me but he definitely had something in store for me and I’m glad I didn’t find out what it was. Goodbye PATH train, you won’t be missed! (And thank you to that conductor! You WILL be missed, I think I love you!)

Here’s a photo taken 30 seconds after I talked to the conductor:

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