Stress and Zits and Stuff

Guys, moving is hard y’all. Ugh, we have so many things to do. We have so little time to do it in. We have so many people to see. We have so many people we can’t see. There are a lot of people we won’t see. So it’s been a rollercoaster. Everything is stressing us out right now. Everyone has advice, a lot good, some “eh”. Everything in the house is a mess. It doesn’t seem like we have enough time to make ourselves or anyone else really happy. It doesn’t seem like there’s enough hours in the day. We’re exhausted constantly. Boo hoo, poor little rich girls.

I’m sorry to whine but as much as I’m writing this for everyone else, I’m mostly writing it for myself, as a record of what I’m experiencing at the moment. Not that I want to savor a sadsack moment later on but at the moment I’m feeling angsty and sad-sacky and so I wanna write about it. Call the waaaahmbulance.

What’s most damning at the moment is the gigantic zit I have on the very tip of my nose. It’s been burgeoning and bubbling over the past two days (and I’ve been in a zillion photos sporting it, naturally) but it’s not been the sort of thing I can really do anything about. Today though, I think it actually lengthened my nose. Let’s put it this way, when I pointed it out to Kristyn, she did NOT suggest otherwise. And if that’s not cruel enough, there is also another one directly underneath it on my chin. I just put toothpaste on them hoping to fool them into chilling out. Let’s see if that works.



Today my boss asked if I’m excited and my maudlin response was, “No, I’m just ready to leave.” It’s not that I am on fire to leave all my family, friends, job and apartment, I am just tired of being in flux. I can’t wait for the Relo-cube to be packed, the apartment to be cleaned and for the seats of our pants to be on the seats of the car and getting on Route 80 because that will mean that a boatload of work has been completed, some anxiety will have abated and we can just relax and enjoy ourselves for a good long week.

Seestor Christine

Seestor Christine

And thankfully, Christine (my sister) will basically be meeting us on the other end. She’s coming on the 11th to hang out, to nose around our new digs (to report back to the family no doubt), to help us unpack and to giggle with us. Once she leaves though, back to reality. We’ll have to haul ass, unpack everything, get spiffied up and find us some j-o-b-s.

I’m kind of refusing to think of jobs as an imminent problem for the time being for the following reasons:

1) I have way too many other things on my mind.
2) I know I will do anything to make money when we get there (filthy, disgusting, boring, demeaning or senseless, you name it).
3) I have belligerent endurance when I really need to get something done. (Once on Thanksgiving, my mom’s turkey baster fell apart. The squeezy part had liberated itself from the tubey part. She goes, “Give it to Coleen to put it back on. She’ll work on it and work on it and won’t stop until she FORCES it back on.” Haha…I think at the time, she was joshing/insulting me but still, it’s true. And I DID get it back on, thank you very much.)
4) We have no other choice.

Our families have really been generous and helped us out financially (Thank you all again! We’re really, really, reeeeally so grateful…) and we have some duckets saved too. It’s by no means anything to retire with but if we couldn’t find anything for two months (possibly three), we could make it stretch. And who knows? Homegirl needs to drop a couple (thousand) pounds so maybe I’ll even be Hollywood “fat” (size 10) in a coupla months due to sparse meals. Do let’s look for the silver lining.

Still though, even though we CAN make it stretch doesn’t mean we WANT to make it stretch. So, we will just work our tails off pimping ourselves out until someone wants to throw some coins at us. Whatever it takes.

I actually feel a bit better after writing this crap, whaddya know? I might’ve made you sad though. Sorry about that y’all. My boss told me to get out of the house and take a walk to clear my head. This is good advice. I’m lazy so I didn’t do it BUT that is why I am whining to all of you dudes. So thank you for listening. :)

P.S. Michael Jackson was ruled a homicide?! What in the wiggity-world?

One thought on “Stress and Zits and Stuff

  1. I’m not sad, yo. I’m excited! Oh, and I didn’t intend on reporting to anybody…but I will if they ask. Hahahaha. You know how I am; I just need to check out your bathroom and then we’re set.

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