Going Away Parties

This weekend was sooooo busy! We did a lot of work and said “see ya later for now” to more family. We had a lot of fun and also were sad too.

On Friday night, we came home, ate dinner, relaxed for a hot minute and then got up and cleaned out my bedroom. We stripped the bed, took it off its frame, cleaned up the crap underneath it, vacuumed, sorted all of the crap that had been stowed in there for last weekend’s yard sale. So much stuff. Then we bagged up all sorts of cocky that had found its way into living in our home over the past few years. Clothes, shoes, stuffed animals, cassette tapes, books, vases, jars, keychains, you name it. We bagged and boxed a toooon of junk up and put it into the car to bring to the Good Will. After all of that, we were exhausted and passed out around 2am-ish.

On Saturday morning, we came to at the crack of dawn (that would be 9am since we’re exhausted all of the time now) to go to the DMV. Kristyn’s Parents ever so generously traded Kristyn’s car for theirs. Both run well but their car was a little bit newer with less mileage. So we had to go to the DMV to change the registration for the trip. After that, we went to the bank and then took everything to the Good Will. Then we came home, fed the animals, straightened up the house, changed the cat litter, showered and left for my Nana’s house.

An hour and a half later, we got down there where we met my sister, her boyfriend Matt, my mother and Nana. We chilled for a while and then went to Carraba’s. We met my Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Pat, cousin Kelly and her two sons Larry and Gavin there. It was soooo good!

Engorged with food and Sangria, we waddled back to Nana’s house to chill with my brother Wee Charles. He is a waiter now and regaled us with the highlights and horrors of his new-found profession. During this regalia, he said the words “Pizza Bagel”. Kristyn had nodded off (exhaustion + feverish activity + Italian food + Sangria = unconsciousness). At the trigger words “Pizza Bagel”, homeslice let out a bellow that me, my brother, my sister and Matt had never seen. Still unconscious she hollerated, “UUUGGGLLLLL. UGGGGLLLLLL. UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGLLLLLLLLLLGUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLLLGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULGGGGGGGGLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! UGGGLLLL. UGGGLLLL. UUUGGGLLL.” It was incredible. It was terrifying. It was entertaining. It was intoxicating. Charles goes, after sensing she wasn’t going to do it again, “KRISTYN! OMG! Wake up, wtf is going on?!” (or something to that effect). She actually giggled. We asked her if she’d been dreaming and what about, whether or not she was having a reaction to the words “Pizza Bagel” and whether or not she was okay. Her reaction was to giggle slightly, mumble a couple of non sequiters and drift back off to sleep. We recovered and figuring it was an isolated incident, went back to talking. About an hour later, she did it AGAIN. This time though we figured she was just putting on so the climate was more, “Har de har har…” rather than naked fear.

At a certain point in Wee Charles’ story about a heroin addict, he abruptly hugged me and said, “Okay, see you later” and left on the spot. It was…weird.

Then we all basically retired shortly after and that was that. I had a hard time convincing Kristyn what had happened bc she didn’t remember it, AT ALL. Turns out she HADN’T been putting on the second time, just bellowing in her dream state. It also turns out that she was not embarrassed by the bellowing but her lack of reaction immediately following said bellowing. Awesome.

The next day we got up and chilled with Nana, carbo-loaded, drank tea and said our goodbyes. We’ll be back soon.

Immediately following Nana’s house, me and Kristyn drove to her parents’ house for the Barbeque they were throwing for her. I sat in the back bc my Momma had given me a truckload of my Grandma’s pictures to give back to her that she’d accidentally acquired in a move. We drove for fourty minutes this way. We got to Kristyn’s parents’ house to find no discernable evidence of party. No cars in the driveway, no one to answer the door. Kristyn called her parents to find out that the party was at her sister’s house and either we’d spaced on that detail or Kristyn’s family spaced on that detail. No one knows for sure. The bottom line is, Kristyn’s sister lives WAAAAY closer to my grandmother than to Kristyn’s parents’ house. Kristyn hopped into the driver’s seat again and I into the back and we set off again.

Fourty minutes and approximately 100 family pictures later (some of which my grandfather is in a morgue dressed in scrubs pretending to “scrub up” and examine a non-existant corpse, IDK), we arrived at Kristyn’s sister’s house where everyone asked us how we expect to find California if we cannot find a BBQ (which is a valid point, might I add).

At this party, there were highs, there were lows…there was sunlight, there was rain. Times were had were we huddled into a small tent. Other times were spent lounging in the sun. We ate crisp potato chips, we ate soggy ones. We laughed, we cried. Good times all around however. There was even an “incident” where a good many of us became convinced that another party-goer’s eye had popped out of his head. This was not true, of course, but it did not stop anyone from freaking out and calling 911. In fact, the person in question was A-OK, thank god, and all that had really happened was someone bumped their dome. I, myself, did not realize for a good long time that the eye in question had NEVER left the person’s head (or intended to). I even went so far as to think that the eye had liberated itself from the party’s head and that they eye had been popped back in with an expert’s hand. Now that just seems silly but at the time, it was definitely on the table.

So, we had a lot of fun this weekend. We ate too much. We got a lot done. Thank you to everyone!!! We love yoooou!!!

Here’s some pictures of yesterday. I don’t have any from my family party yet but will post them as soon as I do. Thank you for the photographers. Me, the constant picture taker of all things irrelevant did forgot to bring a Point and Shoot to take pictures of things that matter, such as family. Duh and then double duh:

Kristyn's Mom, Kristyn, Me, Kristyn's Dad, Kristyn's Sister Lynn

Kristyn's Mom, Kristyn, Me, Kristyn's Dad, Kristyn's Sister Lynn

Kristyn's Mom, Kristyn, Me, Kristyn's Aunt Allison from her Mother's Side, Kristyn's Aunt Debbie from her Father's Side

Kristyn's Mom, Kristyn, Me, Aunt Allison, Aunt Debbie

More of Kristyn's Aunts and Uncles from her Mother's Side

More of Kristyn's Aunts and Uncles from her Mother's Side

Kristyn's Dad and Sister Lynn

Kristyn's Dad and Sister Lynn

Kristyn's Cousin Alec

Kristyn's Cousin Alec

Kristyn's Nephew Adam

Kristyn's Nephew Adam

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