So it’s Kristyn here, it’s my first blog. I’m going to be a random guest star from now on.
Sooo, what do I have to say? Not sure. Today I got a really stupid injury. I was plugging my earphones into my iPhone when I managed to plug my skin in too. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an injury worth PTO time or workers comp.
Here’s a good sound bite for ya: the other morning, an owner brought their pet to get it’s stiches out from a surgery. Nicely healed, lookin good. However, when the owner gave the pet to my coworker he said, “I was in Vietnam and I saw all kinds of decapitation, but THIS bothers me!”
It’s weird what people will and won’t tolerate.
Now i’m wondering…should I even post this? The only reason that I’m gonna is cause i typed this crap on my iPhone.
Oh snapple! The lights are flickering on and off. I’m at work right now. Some people are declaring that they love the thunder and lightning. Not me. I’m not into it. It makes me clench my budunka-dunk in tense worry.
Yup, that’s where this blog is going. I also want to bore u on the subject of ZZ Top. I really wanna see them live. I loved them when I was little. I think cause I loved pretty blondes and the elderly.
that’s all I got for today. Oh wait! On tv, a man just blew up his ex-wife with dynomite hidden in a box of detergent while listening to “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

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