Jon Corzine betta get his act together.

I voted for Corzine in the last election. True it was only bc he was the Democratic nominee, but that’s what happened. It seems like whenever Jon Corzine’s name comes up, the inevitable aimless grousing begins. I always ask people directly WHY they don’t like him and never once have I received a coherent answer. So I withhold judgement and move on.

On July 2nd my sister emailed me and told me that Obama was going to be at Rutgers to speak on Corzine’s behalf. Naturally I signed up immediately and was immediately confirmed for the two tickets I requested. In the days following I found out that 50,000 people had requested tickets, that the venue could only accomodate 5,000 but that it would be moved to PNC.

In the meantime I started getting weird 800 number calls that left no messages and didn’t answer when you called back. Finally I picked up one day and it was the Corzine campaign telling me that not only was I confirmed but that I could go ahead and add more tickets if I wanted to (I declined).

The next day, I got an email saying that they were denying people since only 17K can fit into PNC but that me and my guest (Kristyn) were confirmed. They gave me a “lawn overflow” e-ticket to show at the venue.

At the same time, they emailed Kristyn and told her not to come, that she’d be short-listed for an upcoming event.

Last night they called me and left me a message telling me that unfortunately I wasn’t awarded a ticket (though I was) and not to come.

The whole shebang has been a goof from the start so I figured, “Well I have TWO paper confirmations on my paw, we’ll go, it must just be a mixup.”

WELL I am here to say that that was THE most disorganized event I have ever witnesses in my life. Turns out that the “lawn overflow” section was a lawn OUTSIDE the venue, facing AWAY from it. They had a screen a hot dog vendor and no chairs.

Well “oh hell no” me and about a thousand other souls who had taken time off of work, drove an hour down here, got here just as the gates opened and were confirmed tickets began to riot.

The harried Corzine staffers put us on line after line after line all giving us conflicting information, all telling us we were going to get inside the venue, all giving us vague answers while we sweated, stood there got condescended to and basically got shit on.

My thing is this: if you’re going to call us, leave a voicemail or at least a number we can call back for info. If you’re going to email us, why not tell us the the lawn seats are not, in fact, lawn seats but “parking lot seats”? Why the hell not set up a FAQ page so this info could have been resolved before we trucked it down there? And WHY in the hell even set up a “lawn overflow” area when you KNOW you’re only placating people for now but WILL piss then off when they get there having lost a day of pay or a vacation day for their troubles?

It just ain’t right. And it either won’t be reported that this happened on TV OR the Corzine Campaign will say that thousands of people without tickets showed up which is just not true.

Karma is a bitch Corzine. And you have just screwed over a couple of thousand people. Although he DID allow at least 17K to see the Prezzy so I guess the big guy ends up on top again. Oy fng vey.

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