Happy Belated Birthday, Nation!

First and foremost I want to say that my sister ever so graciously shares her birthday with our nation, the “us” of “a”. So happy birthday Christine and Democracy!

This year Tiffany’s awesome mother invited us over her house for a barbeque. We had a great time. The food was good, the company was good, there were babies to scowl at us and Joey Ramone’s grave to visit (Tiffany’s mom lives across the street from the cemetary he’s buried in).

When it got dark, we were allowed by the cemetary’s gatekeeper to go in to watch the Manhattan Fireworks. From the cemetary we had a direct unblocked view and could also see fireworks bring shot off from JC and the Meadowlands.

What’s funny about the cemetary skulking is that there were prob like 15 of us at least and yet it was probably the most stealthy group I’ve ever had the pleasure to skulk with despite our numbers.

I think it was at the cemetary that I re-hurt my stupid back because I was sitting in the ground. Just that day I’d been discussing back pain with Kathleen and saying mine had completely gone away! But that’s the only off thing I did so I guess it was that. My doctor said, “Coleen, back pain is an ongoing learning process. See? Now you just learned not to sit on the ground again!” Yes doc, that’s true…

Anyway, here are the pictures (oh AND we saw The Sopranos Tour Bus and Tourists on Kearny Ave that day too!):

5 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday, Nation!

  1. i think they should be created into a flipbook. if you change the order to kristyn, aleix, erik, you – its like you’re running towards us.

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