Guys I is sad today…

I am woebegone. I had such a fun weekend and now look at me, I’m here at work, a corporate cronie, a cog in the machine, a disenfranchised hand-wringing complainer with sallow skin and a wide ass. *sigh*

Let’s turn this thing around, whaddy say? Do you guys have anything fun for me to look at? A funny story I can read? An interesting blog for me to throw an eyeball at? Please don’t send me anything with audio today because I forgot my earphones (pity me)…

Ho hum. I wish I were home and having a good time with Kristyn. I even feel blase about this post. Oh god.

EDIT: Nevermind, I realized I can just read Diablo Cody’s blog. Tres funn-y! I guess I’m just a little slow today. Poop.

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