We’re in business

We ordered Richard Simmons’ “Disco Sweat” or “Sweating to Disco” or something. Whatever we ordered a DVD of Richard Simmons sweating to disco. And we are gonna do it and we are gonna love it and we are gonna look fiiiiiiiine when we’re done and everyone’s gonna be jealous. Well Kristyn will (still) look fiiiiiiine and everyone (including me) will be jealous.

Back in the day my Mom had ordered alll of the “Sweating to the Oldies” VHS tapes and I used to do them. And in gym class, I remember my teacher teaching us the Hustle based on a Richard Simmons tape. So I’m praying that this is the same tape. *fingers crossed*

And if I like the Disco one, I’m going to go whole hog and get the whole weird collection. It’s going to be amazing.

If any of you really love me, you will get me a Richard Simmons magnet from his online store for my birthday (September 18th, it’s comin up faster than you think AND it’s the big 3-0, how can you NOT buy me a creepazoid magnet?!). I’m partial to all of these. I’d even take a creepy old dolly.

Anyway, I’m even weirding myself out at this juncture and I think I’ve done enough damage to my reputation at this point so good night all.

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