Experiments, Good News, MTV’s The Grind

So I am writing this from my iPhone. I saw the app and figured it would be useful for some on the fly ruminating/reporting. So far it’s proven exceedingly tedious. BUT maybe this means I can take my morning babble off of twitter and slap it on here? AND this means I can live blog things like going to the doctor or hanging out at the DMV.*

Let’s see what news has happened since the other four blogs I posted today…oh my wee brother Master Charles Hendry is graduating from high school! There were some touch and go moments surrounding this so we’re all relieved it’s going to be a reality…

Me and Kristyn also went to the mall since we’ve spoken last to see a man about an iPhone. Turns out we make the extended buyers remorse cutoff and are eligible to upgrade to the new iPhone! Basically it’ll be the same shiz what with Apple’s new OS platform upgrade but the newer version has more gbs of storage AND more importantly a slightly better camera which you KNOW I’ll use the crap out of. Plus it has a video camera. Now that I figured out how to embed videos get yourself ready for ten thousand cats fighting/cats eating/cats performing riverdance videos. That was your official warning. None further will follow. But there’s a week or two between now and then so enjoy your sanity while you have it.

So Joel Madden never wrote back. Imagine that. Maybe I should have added profanity to my apology to get him to hear me out. Next apology will contain at least one F word.

* Although the DMV is boring me and Kristyn managed to have a somewhat good time at it the last time we went (shocker). Kristyn had to renew her license and I had to go to the bathroom so we went our seperate ways immediately. The woman at the desk gave me a set of keys attached to an 8″x11″ (notebook-sized) SIGN to get into the ladies room. I’m an asshole and could NOT get over it. It struck me as so funny that I was almost crying laughing. I was showing it to people…seriously no one cared. The lady who gave it toe looked at me like “yeah real original”. I can’t act right. So I went to find Kristyn and found that she was segregatedoff int the “cool” (read: license-getting) section and she was told to expressly forbid any non-cool person (read: sign-deriding fool) to enter the area. We don’t like to be apart so we were sad but not for long because it reminded us both of the time that I was on forced to dance in the hot Cancun sun in SAND for four hours on MTVs The Grind. Me and my boyfriend at the time were given tickets by some drunk girl who didn’t want them (I know…what?!) at Senor Frog’s for the following morning. We were excited and so flattered that we’d be considered attractive enough to shake our asses on The Grind. Wrong. Turns out there is a fat and ugly section you do not get to see on TV. In the beutiful section, they are like prop models and dancers not just random beautiful people. They use the fuglies (that would be us) to shoot overhead shots and to scream between DJ Skribble sets to add noise. Then they make you dance and dance and dance in SAND. It’s hard enough to keep a good stagger going in sand let alone dancing for hours on end…so we ended up leaving with near third degree burns bc in our rush to get there on time we forgot sunscreen.

What’s so weird is that that story has been rattling around in my head a lot recently. Almost anything can lead me and/or Kristyn right back to that event. Lately we’ve taken to saying things like “Why do I suddenly feel like I’m in the ugly section?” if we feel slighted by someone. Or “This DEFINITELY feels like The Grind all over again…”

So sorry to any of you who have already heard this old yarn. It’s just been so RELEVANT lately…A) You just never know what moments of your life will play out as fables later, B) DJ Skribble?!

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