Why the WM3 concerns you…

This case has no winners, no happy endings and no justice.  There certainly wasn’t justice served for those three children who were viciously murdered.  There definitely wasn’t justice served for the families who were devastated by the loss of their children.  There wasn’t justice served for the Echols, Misskelley or Baldwin families.  And you can have the opinion that Damien, Jason and Jessie did this.  Most people DO…at first.  I did.  Kristyn just did.  When you watch the first movie of Paradise Lost, you might too.  You see three poor kids, you see Damien Echols acting like an arrogant teenager rock star, you see the anger of the families, that Jessie Misskelley gave a confession AND the fact that all three kids were found guilty on all three charges.  You look at that and say, “Well they MUST be guilty bc no reasonable person would put someone to death for a crime where there was no evidence.”

Then you watch Paradise Lost 2.  Paradise Lost 2, outlines the mistakes made in the original trial, evidence originally missed (such as bite marks found on the bodies, NONE of which match the tooth impressions of the three sitting in prison), the growing movement to overturn this ruling and profiles into other avenues of suspects never pursued.  I can’t get into all of it right now but I will be writing more on the subject at a later date.   In the meantime, I encourage you to go to the following sites to look up information:


There are more too but everybody loves a good wiki and the wm3 site has more information than you can EVER read in a day so start with that.  (Wiki has other pages regarding this too, one on each kid, one on each movie, etc.)

I just wanted to put my impressions down as to why I’m sick to my stomach for forgetting about this while these three sit in jail.  I know I’m not going to single-handedly rescue these three from the fates that have been handed down to them.  They have a team of people, celebrities and a worldwide movement helping them.  It’s just that I saw these movies years ago and saw them as that…movies.  Not people…movies.  And I don’t even know why the hell I thought of Paradise Lost 1 and 2 again recently but something reminded me, we rented them from Netflix and watching these movies as an adult made me realize that it’s not enough to say, “That’s sad” and move on when I CAN do something to help.  I can write blogs, I can write letters, I can send money for commissary or their legal fund, I can tell people.  And why might you ask, would I want to help someone on Death Row or who is in Prison for life?  Bc that could be any one of us.  This is happening IN AMERICA.  Three people are in prison for almost half of their lives for a crime that they are not tied to via evidence, DNA, dental impressions, etc, etc, etc.  No one can place them at the scene of the crime.  They all have alibis.  THEY DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THE KIDS WHO WERE MURDERED.  Their trials were a complete comedy of errors from start to finish.  Almost everyone involved in this crime that wasn’t put behind bars has profited in one way or another whether through bribe “rewards” to job promotions, etc.  Basically they were made an example out of and in a rush to get someone behind bars lots of different mistakes were made: something called “Satanic Panic” (which you can read up on and you WILL agree was huge in 1993), the bungled investigation of the local police, the leaks to the media, the big money “rewards” for tipsters in a poor community, the fact that these three boys were dirt poor and could not afford things like DNA testing or high-powered attorneys, the list goes on.

I mean Jessie Misskelley was interrogated for TWELVE HOURS WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY OR PARENTS PRESENT.  How can that happen?!  The boy has an IQ of 72.  After his trial, in an appeal to the case, his defense attorneys presented a video of them convincing him that he’d committed a robbery in his town.  It took them FIFTEEN MINUTES to do it.  Fifteen minutes.

Anyway, I’ll say more on this later, but I just…can’t abide this.  I’m not saying we shouldn’t forget about the children and the families destroyed in these murders.  That is, of course, the entire point.  Even if you look at people who look different and have a problem understanding them, I’m sure you CAN look at a case that has NO material evidence, no solid leads, no witnesses, no DNA matches, no NOTHING and wonder why three people have spent half of their lives behind bars.  Or at least wonder if maybe there is another explanation.  I mean teenage boys don’t do ANYTHING that’s not messy.  How can three teenage boys leave a crime scene so clean that it completely stumped trained police officers and investigators.  I couldn’t do that.

And surely if that doesn’t grab you, how about the fact that Terry Hobbs, one of the murdered boys (Steven Branch) step fathers’ hair was found in the shoelaces that tied up the boys.  OR the fact that his friend’s hair was ALSO found at the scene.

And if that doesn’t strike you as interesting, how about the fact that John Mark Byers (Christopher Byers) step dad gave the producers of Paradise Lost 1 a Christmas Present that was a used foldup hunting knife?  Or that blood matching Christopher Byers AND John Mark Byers was found in the fold of the knife?

OR that John Mark Byers has a lengthy criminal and drug past.  AND that he admits to being sexually abused in almost exactly the same manner as a child?

OR that Christopher Byers mother and John Mark Byers’ wife, Melissa Byers, died in a suspicious manner not long after.  John, at the scene of her death said, “They’re going to try to say that I strangled her but it was an overdose.”  Her cause of death remains undetermined.  Traces of non-lethal amounts of various prescribed and narcotic drugs found in her system AND physical signs of suffocation with a pillow exist.

I could go on and on (obviously).  Do yourself a favor and at least read up on the Wikis of this case.  If you go on WM3.org, ALL of the case files, autopsy reports and criminal cases, appeals, etc are on there as well as some letters from Damien Echols on what it is like to live on Death Row.   I’ll get into some of that at a later date.

But when you look at all of what I said, you STILL might want to believe they did it.  Whether you do or you don’t, still do yourself a favor and rent the movies, read the Wikis and go on wm3.org just to kill some time.

The point is, if this can happen to them, it can most certainly happen to you.  AND whoever killed those little boys still walks free for the past 16 years.  So either way you look at it, it’s just as easy in this country for you to go to prison for something you did not do as it is for someone to kill your kids and walk off scot-free to do it again.

Oh and a similar murder was committed not far from West Memphis after the three had already been sentenced and turned themselves in.  So someone is out there literally getting away with murder as Damien Echols, 34, gets closer and closer to being executed via Lethal Injection.  He is only 4 years older than I am, he’s never even seen the internet and only knows about the world what he sees on TV.

10 thoughts on “Why the WM3 concerns you…

  1. “I mean Jessie Misskelley was interrogated for TWELVE HOURS WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY OR PARENTS PRESENT. How can that happen?!”

    Here’s the thing, it didn’t happen. As a supporter I’m disappointed that people still use that false allegation when making a case for the innocence of the three.

    If you want to learn more, come to the site below, you can even put your questions to John Mark Byers himself.


  2. I’m with you – buy the t-shirt, write them a letter, buy a benefit album or go to a benefit show. After seeing the second documentary and following the case online it is absolutely absurd to me that the step father is not on trial or in jail.

    • Well so far, I’ve written Damien, donated to his legal fund and donated to all three’s commissary. I’m going to write Jason and Jessie this week and then try to send them something on Amazon on my next paycheck and whatever else I can do. I was reading a letter from Damien on Margaret Cho’s blog and it had been heavily edited “to protect Damien’s safety”. Apparently he had put some things into the original letter that showed the true nature of what his life is like on death row and if that were to be released to the public, it might cause mayhem enough so that he might be punished or hurt because of it. It’s hard to believe people live like that HERE. In the USA. Citizens. Of the USA. So crazy.

  3. The day is finally coming when Terry Hobbs and his buddy will get their due… and the 3 innocent men that have sat in prison, wrongly accused of these crimes, will be free.

    All I can say is ITS ABOUT TIME.
    Byers teeth that he had removed still concerns me, but his DNA was not found at the crime scene… only Terry Hobbs and his buddy, I forget his name…
    There is a new update on their web site at the link I posted above….

  4. i dont think for one minute that the 3 lads are guilty i watched the flim and it upset mei am a mum and the thought of anyone hurting your kids does not bear thinking about i think the case should be reopened and they should be asking that stepdad more questions they should free them and catch the the person or persons who have done this awful crime thank you

  5. Rugs, why do you say that Jessie wasn’t questioned without his parents’ consent? By all accounts, he was (wm3.org, the movies, Devil’s Knot…)

      • Thanks Rugs you’re right, that’s true but the point is that Jessie was in a room by himself with no lawyer or parent present. His Dad said they could ask him some questions but I doubt he would’ve given consent for them to interrogate him for that long and only tape the last 45 mins or so. That’s not right…

  6. I agree. Sadly, I think Big Jessie was thinking about the reward money more than the welfare of his son at the time.

    Jessie more than likely signed away his rights just to get it over with so he could go home.

    Little did he know what was soon to unfold.

    Here’s a link to his rights form:

  7. If the truth be known, Big Jessie is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, either. Yes, I know that he gave permission for Jessie’s initial interrogation. However, I don’t believe that he meant to give permission for such a lengthy interrogation and for a coerced confession. Also, I’m sure that anyone who follows this case at all now knows that the “bite marks” are now suspected to be post-mortem animal predation and not human bites. I still contend that the location where the bodies were found is not the murder scene. Even in a drainage ditch, there would have been more blood left at the scene than what was found. I don’t know if there would be any evidence at the real murder scene if it could be found. I just seethe at the injustice in this case. Small-town politics are the biggest scourge in America today. Why is nothing more being said about Vicky Hutchinson and her son, Aaron? The last I heard was that she was afraid to recant her false testimony for fear of perjury charges. This case just gets stranger and stranger. The recent 48 Hours Mystery episode on CBS was a fair reporting of the case, yet the three remain in jail. We all know why. The powers that be in Arkansas are just afraid to admit their mistakes, in my opinion. Too many political consequences would result. I cannot believe that the citizens of Arkansas elected Burnett to the State Senate. Damien’s hearing on September 30 may be another rubber stamp of what has transpired previously, but we can all hope for a better outcome.

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