So I guess I failed in the “blow your mind” department.  So much has happened between then and now that it’s barely worth it to get into.  I’ll just comprise a lil listy list to save everyone’s time.  Here goes:

1. I got the flu shortly after posting that last blog.

2. Somehow this graduated at an alarming rate into a serious back injury that left me convulsing and crying on my kitchen floor for a half hour all alone and unable to move.

3.  This also led to my very first ambulance ride.

4. First time in the ER.

5. First time being shot up with morphine.

6. Oh and then I was home on disability for three weeks.

7. Now for no damn reason my left leg is numb.

8. I have to get an MRI.

9. Depending on the results, Momma might have to get surgery (which could leave her paralyzed) OR they might just “go ahead” and chip some bone off of my spine.  No big.

10. Got a Twitter account.

So yeah, that’s me all caught up.  Oh also, I was supposed to graduate from BCC this spring but due to all of my weird illness/injury dramz, I flunked Statistics and am taking it now, Summer-stylee.  It’s an online course so, yeah that sucks.

Oh I also got an iPhone.  Love that iPhone.  How’re you guys?

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