Twilight, Tofurkey, Christmas Tree, Friendship Divorces, 2009

First and foremost, I just want to say that I went to see Twilight this weekend and I really, really liked it.  I didn’t think I would bc (even though I compulsively read them), the books give me ogeda in the worst way.  The though of a little girl dating a guy/vampire who constantly tells her that should he decide to kill her ever she’d be dead as a doornail, no looking back, kind of disturbs me.  Like what has this world come to when we want to perpetuate the idea to young girls that romance is sometimes violent, that sometimes men can hurt you…but so long as they’re achingly good-looking that it’s alright?  I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I’m reading into it too far but I don’t think I am.  I’m looking at it from the perspective of seeing a lot of women go down that path with “bad men” and make excuses for their bad behavior.  I think if I were a teenage girl (and hadn’t already had those experiences) I’d probably just see it as “He’s hot” though.  Regardless, I went into the movie thinking I’d hate it and I guess bc of that I really really liked it…that at Robert Pattinson.  I TRULY did not think I’d join the legions of adoring drooling fans but join them I have.  Even Kristyn woke up early the next morning to feverishly google pictures of him and by the time I got up, he was already made the wallpaper on our computer.  Go figure.  So go see Twilight, don’t expect it to be good, and expect to laugh out loud sometimes when the movie is attempting to be totally serious.  The acting’s bad but it brought me back to a simpler time when most acting in movies WAS bad and you liked it anyway (think “Teen Witch”, “The Worst Witch”, “Summer School”, etc).  It was bad/good.  I loved it.

Okay, onto topic two…Tofurkey.  I am making two tofurkeys this year.  One for Thanksgiving and one for Thanksgiving II at my friend’s house.  In my life I’ve made three tofurkeys.  Two came out like total crap and one came out delish.  I’m hoping that both of mine come out good again.  *fingers crossed*

On Saturday, Kristyn and I are going to go to Ott’s Tree Farm and cut down our Christmas Tree.  I haven’t done that since I was a kid and have been dying to.  Also we’ve been getting our trees from stupid Stewart’s and each tree is worse than the last.  Last year I actually had to have Kristyn and Lou lift the tree out of the base so I could shave off the stump bc it had sealed shut and was not sucking up any water.  We were convinced that the house was going to blow up.  We shall not have this event take place this year.  I mean we were actually thinking of taking the damn thing down prior to Christmas even, this is how dry the thing got.  On a side note, before you even think of hollerating at me for getting a real tree, do let’s remember that we are in an oil crisis.  Plastic=oil.  Trees=wood.  I am a pretty environmentally-conscious person and I do my part above and beyond.  My one indulgence is that I have to have a real tree.  I’ve tried the fake ones and the level of crying, bitching and whining I did that year was enough to make me realize I’m not built to withstand not having a real one.  It’s too much pressure and I’ve been too good of a girl not to deserve it, hahahaha…Anyway, there’s that.

Friendship Divorces are defined in the Urban dictionary as: A clean break and end to a friendship, much like a divorce or seperation, but between platonic friends.  ex. He was being an asshole, so I had to friendship divorce him.  Now guys, I hate friendship divorces but sometimes they happen.  I had one this year that was surprisingly clean.  It was with a person who did not have my best interests at heart.  This person I think was actually happiest when I was low and also never, ever rooted me on for good things to happen in my life.  This was a person who disrespected me regularly, didn’t mind hurting my feelings and pretty much openly ran our friendship based upon whatever suited them in the current time and place knowing that I’d always be loyal.  Eventually things just kind of came to a close when I woke up and realized that this wasn’t a friend but baggage instead.  I actually miss this person from time to time but not who they are now, who they were like ten years ago and that’s not much of a basis for a friendship.  Anyway, I just wanted wanted to say that while I’m always sad to lose a friendship, sometimes its for the best and then better things come into your life afterward.  Always moving onward and upward you know?

And about 2009, I really think this is going to be a good year.  I even just only recently decided that I would switch my favorite number from 4 to 9 and I just turned 29 this year.    Why it took me until 2009 to realize that my age is always the same as the year (minus the two “00”s in the middle is beyond me but I’d imagine there’s a lot that escapes me.  Anyway, I have a lot to look forward to in this year and for that I’m really really grateful.

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