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This morning, rather than getting ready for work and making sure I make my 9:12 bus, I was footootsying around and texting Kristyn (like I don’t get enough opportunities to talk to Kristyn, hahaha). So anyway, by the time I started paying attention, it was 9:10 and I knew that I had pretty much missed the bus. Hoping that it would be late (bc it always is when I’m on time), I decided to throw on my jacket and run out the door. Natch, the bus was totally gone because it was precisely one minute past when it is supposed to come.

The fun thing about my house is that I have no keys to it, haha. This summer, we were going away a lot and Janie was being a love and watching our pets for us. (Thank you Janie!!! I still have something for you from LA!) Anyway, I gave my set to Janie and for some reason have never looked back. Unless Kristyn is there, I cannot get back into my house once I had made the decision to leave it. Usually when a person decides to leave their house, it is a perfectly retractable decision. Not me. If I should ever leave my house or like close a locked door behind me, it is an irretrievable decision with consequences. So the consequence of my leaving for work today was “going to work”. Typically I’d be a lazy-ass and call a cab. I’d end up spending ten dollars of my hard-earned money and have to put up with talking to a cab driver for about ten or fifteen minutes. It’s not a bad ride but there are usually three different drivers I get:

Exhibit A: The racist minority guy who wouldn’t vote for Obama bc he’s black, always wants me to sit in the front seat with him, wants to hold my hand and “is waiting for me to leave my husband”.

Exhibit B: The guy who unknowingly gossiped about my own family to me while I sat there and tried not to laugh or give away my position. He didn’t mean any harm in what he was saying nor did he mention any names. He was talking about “a guy he knows” and said guy just happened to be my father, hahaha…He told me my whole life history. It was kind of alarming and also kind of funny bc if he knew who he was talking to he’d feel like suuuuuuuuuch a dick. What’s weirder is that I am related to his boss and I think he knows that so who knows? He might’ve realized afterward…IDK.

Exhibit C: The grizzled drunk guy. This driver is like…is like…IDK. I hate to say that he’s white trash but he definitely is. He’s had a haaaaaard life and everything about him shows it. His skin, his teeth, his constant coughing and wheezing. He curses his head off in conversation too. As much as this guy is crazy, I kind of like him and I always have a good conversation with him. Actually I have good conversations with both Exhibit B AND Exhibit C. Exhibit A freaks me out bc he’s not joking when he’s trying to get me to “sit in the front” with him or hold my hand. I had to sit in the front once bc the cab was packed and ever since then he always reminds me of that time and hints that it’s all he wants in this world.

Anyway, I really didn’t want to be faced today with any of those prospects so I took off on foot. Now to anybody else, this is no big frigging deal. I live a town and a half away from the PATH, it’s really not that far. BUT I’m the biggest lazy-ass that you will ever meet. I take elevators up one level. I drive to a store that’s six blocks away so I don’t have to walk to the one that’s one block away. I buy a Wii for hundreds of dollars and then a Wii Fit for another couple of hundred dollars so that I can walk in place in the comfort of my own living room in intervals of two minutes. I am a lazy idiot.

So today I hoofed it up to Kearny Ave…natch I took the opportunity to take some pictures of some crap…I didn’t have my digital camera on me so I took fisheye pictures. I ran out of film immediately and I tried to buy another one at Quick Check and that shit was $9?! Anyway, what should have really taken me like a half hour to walk, took me prob like 50 minutes bc I took a bunch of pictures…I texted with Kristyn for the entire time…I stopped and got cofffee at Quick Check…I stopped in this old donut shop called “Sip’n Dunk” that I haven’t been to since I was a kid…I went to the park and peered into my old backyard from the house I grew up in…I did a lot. It was pretty cool. I am right now going to say that I’m going to do it again tomorrow but with my digital camera. I can’t promise anything but for now it sounds like a good idea, hahaha…

Anyway, it was good exercise but I think that tomorrow I’ll skip the donut. It was like smoking a cigarette and walking on the treadmill…or eating a loaf of bread inside a gym…Kristyn….(She actually did that. She sat on a stationary bike with a loaf of bread and actual LOAF and ate it by biting into it time and time again…not even breaking pieces off….She watched me while I was on the treadmill doing this, hahaha…Also that day, there was a security guard who came and stood a foot in front of me, also watching me walk on the treadmill. It was a stressful work-out experience.)

Anyway, it was nice to walk around and it made me feel like a teenager. You know how when you’re a kid you are forced to walk everywhere and in unpredictable climates? Hahahaha…well I felt like that.

4 thoughts on “Kearny

  1. Hahahaha, this was one of my more eventful mornings I promise you. But you know what else I did? I had breakfast with Kristyn…I watched an episode of Scrubs…I fed all four animals…I cleaned Edith’s nose and gave her medicine…I showered, hahaha. It was a big day for sure.

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