This is why I love Kristyn

Soup, originally uploaded by buberella.

Last night we went up to school to go to our torturous Math Class. When we got there (after an hour long train ride on my part and Kristyn having sat in the car waiting for me for about the same amount of time), we realized that we’d forgotten both of our notebooks and had no way to take notes or do math problems. Kristyn remembered that there was a battered notebook in the trunk. She brought it back into the car and we looked through it. It turned out to be one of my old notebooks from my first stint at college. I don’t like to waste paper so rather than buying a new 3 or 5 subject notebook per semester, then not using it all and buying a new one, I tend to use them and use them until all of the pages are gone to save paper (and money those shit are expensive!). Anyway, going through the notebook was like peering into the cyclonic addled mind of a dangerously crazy person. I <3 looking at old notebooks bc you never quite know what you’ll find. I found a letter that I’d written breaking up with someone and never gave them, a letter I’d written a friend (you Karen!) that I’d never sent outlining the mundane day to days of my life at the time…I found to do lists, phone numbers and addresses for people and places I am no longer familiar with, class notes, class assignments (ranging from some kind of biology to literature to what looks like psychology)…there was a page in there where I outlined the pros and cons between working at my deli job (haha) and taking a new job at Houlihan’s. In the pros column for Houlihan’s I actually wrote (twice) “make a shitload of money”, hahaha. Was I kidding myself or what? I actually took that job and then quit a week into it, going back to the deli job. There were long, rambling (stoned) notes to myself actually addressed to me, with the time and date noted…that contained a series of bad Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky jokes. I actually signed off on that one too, “Love, Coleen”. There were also a bunch of Rummy 500 scorecards where Amanda DePalma won every time (she always did). But the crown jewel of this notebook was the picture above. It appears to be a little picture of an asshole enjoying a bowl of soup. This is why I love Kristyn. I have a million such incoherent notebooks and they are ALL peppered with inappropriate scribblings such as the aforementioned asshole from Kristyn. Me and Kristyn make our school schedules together and only go to class together (shocker) and so when a class starts to bore us, we begin doodling things for the other’s entertainment. Kristyn, having a far more devious and creative mind, always ends up trumping me with far more absurd creations. All I usually end up drawing are pictures of guns, knives, bullets, poison-tipped darts and this weird brain drawing that I constantly do. Kristyn, on the other hand, draws pictures of the teacher, draws pictures of some imaginary friend of hers named Tanya (she even ghost-writes letters from Tanya to me in these episodes)….she draws pictures of me, pictures of her, naked people, there’s always this same guy that always pops up, doggies…everything. Anyway, needless to say that by the time we interpreted this maniacal notebook, it was far too late to go to class and so we did not. I think I’m going to go through some more notebooks though and show you the fruits of our labors but for now, I think that “Asshole drinking soup” puts us off on a good footing for future installments. See ya later.

4 thoughts on “This is why I love Kristyn

  1. i love going thru old notebooks! i got into the habit of never throwing notebooks out since about 99, and it’s always a trip to turn to random pages just to see what was going on and what i was thinking and what not.

    asshole enjoyin soup is a classic. you should make a t shirt or something with that.

  2. Hahaha right? I think it’s a work of art. OMG I looove going through old notebooks. I actually have a binder FULL of old letters people have written me, some I’ve written and never sent, it’s so funny. The letters people wrote to me are like a reverse diary and I like especially to read the ones I wrote and never sent. Like when I read diary entries of mine, they seem like kind of surface “School sucks”, “It’s Christmas”, stupid shit like that. I guess I thought I’d remember all of the mundane aspects of my life so why write about them but when I’m writing to other people, I’m writing what I’m actually thinking, about shit that’s going on, crushes, etc. So weird.

  3. i do the same thing too! but instead of assholes’ enjoying soup, there are doodles of all the people in my class fromt he angle in which i could see them. now that i think back at it, i bet it looked like i was enamored with them and staring at them all class. nope, just bored.

  4. Hahaha, I have some of those too! The backs of heads of a bunch of my classmates…Oooh once in an art notebook, I did a portrait of the teacher, forgot totally about it and then had to submit the notebook as an assignment grade. She didn’t comment on the portrait. It was totally labeled as her too, haha…oops.

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