Today and yesterday and all of the days.

Awww, omg., originally uploaded by buberella.

First off, have you ever seen a cuter picture in your life? My two loves in a semi-mutual embrace. (Monster may outwardly appear to be enjoying this affection but a mother can tell from the tilt of his head and the push of his arm that he is merely tolerating Kristyn’s love. Also note that Kristyn actually has him braced…she’s holding onto his head and his neck so that he doesn’t try anything funny, hahaha…Sometimes you have to “force” love, no?)

Anyway, so a couple of boring things. I gazelled again today for 15 minutes…I parted my hair in the center today…I flossed my teeth (but only the front ones because I was in a rush, haha)…I have to write something to submit for Josh’s zine…I’m having a love affair with the song “A Quarter to Three” by Sleater-Kinney right now…Kristyn and I have decided that regardless of our Math Professor’s lack of know-how on “how to teach a class” we WILL pass this class this semester by virtue of some serious cramming this weekend…What else? I think that’s all you need to know…for now.

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