This is one of my favorite fisheye photos yet. As this picture was being taken…I said, “Hey guys, get really REALLY close to the camera.” Then they did (and made those faces)…what I didn’t consider and neither did they was that the flash was on and so this picture left Kristyn and Erik reeling for a good ten minutes or so screeching things to the tune of the following:

My eyes! Are they bleeding?!
Why do you hate us?!
How could this happen?!
Should there be HUGE spots of blackness in front of my eyes?
Wait, wait my one eye is completely blind!
Oh, the humanity!

My reply, “Oh sorry, I wasn’t thinking.” Hahaha…and truly (and I’m sure you can vouch for this) I wasn’t.

Anyway, cute picture though right? Hahahaha…

2 thoughts on “Also…

  1. that picture is awesome! it makes it even better that the flash reflected in a burst off of erik’s glasses…. i’m surprised that didn’t blind you in the process!

  2. Hahaha, actually it DID kind of blind me too it’s just that it didn’t make my eyes shrivel up like it did theirs, haha. Like you kind of can’t see it in the picture (bc of the fisheye lens) but their faces were like an inch away from the camera. When the flash went off, it was seriously RIGHT in their faces, haha…AND it was dark in there so when the flash went off, it really created a burst, haha.

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