Weekend Report

DSC_0483, originally uploaded by buberella.

Here is a picture of Kristyn doing the dishes. Well actually it’s a picture of Kristyn asking me to pull up her sleeve so she can do the dishes. This is how I helped. I pulled her sleeve up and then I took some pictures. I’m an asshole.

So on Friday night, me, Kristyn, Sandra, Aleix and Angie went to QXTs. Guys! That place was teeming with children! It was soooo weird. Not even like spooky children either like college kids. College kids wearing just regular college kids clothes. We went to the basement though and there we found some “regulars” spooky dancing in their sweatbox lair. I guess they were hiding from the college kids and/or waiting for them to go home so that they could come out of the basement. *shrug* Anyway, we managed to eek out a pretty good time but after a while we all became frustrated at the “eeking” and decided to retire to Aleix’s house to dance in his kitchen to Kristyn’s ipod bathed in green lighting. This was much more fun and I think I drank a gallon of Sangria there. Things I remember from this time:

Agreeing with Sandra that we should see “W” in the movie theater.
Going to the diner (but frankly I didn’t really eat anything)
Struggling to keep my eyes open
Going to bed when it was light out

Now what’s sad about this event has less to do with the event itself and more to do with me. This whole evening resulted in me cancelling all of my weekend plans and sleeping constantly all Saturday and all Sunday. Wow, how’s that for old? I’m glad I did it though bc I needed rest like whoa. Lat weekend was a motherf’ing doozie and so I needed some rest. The one downside is that I had promised my grandmother I’d go to her house and help her take down Halloween decorations. I am a flunky and did not so now I have to call her and apologize heartily…

Anyway, just so you know, the pair of pants that I’d been able to slip off over my hips fully buttoned (when I was religiously exercising and doing WW last year) are now fully back to being tight and no longer able to slide anywhere. Guys it’s time to face the music again, homegirl has had too much damn fun. And so, last week I gazelled once and I did it again today. I ate crappy things already but I gazelled and that’s what counts. I also upped my fruits, veggies and water over the last week so there’s that too…

Okay, time to go get some work done…

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