Bad times/Good times

Me and Kristyn Path, originally uploaded by buberella.

Guys, yesterday I was soooooo upset. I became so disillusioned with my job, which led me to become disillusioned with my life, which made me come home and cry to Kristyn, which made her ears bleed, which sucks. So anyway, after moaning and griping for a long while yesterday, Kristyn, as usual, calmed me down considerably and made me realize that things weren’t so dire. Thanks Kristyn, I love you!!!

So after that, we watched True Blood (OMG, this is getting good but sooooo Twilight)! And then I watched Dexter (which is still tedious but less so).

So this morning, I got up and had breakfast with Kristyn. I’ve been trying to get myself to exercise in the morning but instead I’ve just been going back to sleep after she leaves, haha. So since I was so sad yesterday, I decided that today was the best day to finally do it and I DID! I gazelled for 22 minutes! I had made a favorites list on my ipod yesterday and so I gazelled and listened to that and it was almost like meditation. I feel a million times better! I even wrote in my goals book this morning PLUS I hung up a list of my current goals in an obvious spot in biiig bright lettering so that I don’t lose sight of all of the things I have going for me. I realized through talking to Kristyn last night that when I’m feeling down, I tend to set off a chain of events that only make me feel worse…Like if I’m pissed at work, I will eat something bad, which makes me feel bad, which makes me do it again, which makes me not exercise, which makes me want to sit around and watch tv, which makes me not do the things I’m supposed to do, which makes me feel bad so it makes me do all of that crap more. I realized that if I just start small…20 minutes on the gazelle, drink 3 glass of water today, eat some fruits and veggies…it’ll make me feel better and want to do more. And it really has. I feel a lot better, thank god! I feel really lucky and blessed that I have ways to perk myself up. Some people don’t and I think that’s why some people feel like they have no shot at living a happy life…IDK, I guess ever since Joe (the guy upstairs from me) I’ve been a little sadder than I want to really admit and I’ve been thinking about my own life a lot and realizing that I’m not doing what I want to be doing and that I have to start living it or I’m just as bad off as he is (regardless of the fact that I wouldn’t do what he did). Anyway, I’m just really happy today and wanted to say that…

: D

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