Election Day, Tons of Pictures and Miscellaneous Blather

Guys!  I’m so excited today!  I went and voted first thing this morning for Barack Obama!  Say what you will but I am so excited to have been able to cast my ballot to elect the first black man in US history to be President!!!  I took pictures to commemorate it but Kristyn basically dragged me out of the voting booth by my ear telling me I was going to get arrested or invalidate my ballot.  So that just means I’ll post the pictures of my little chubby finger pressing the “Barack Obama” button tomorrow when he’s Prezzy.

So anyway, I uploaded a thousand pictures onto my flickr last night and here’s a link to them (I don’t know how to publish multiple pictures on here yet):


Anyway, so I am soooo excited! I can’t wait to go home and watch the election coverage in my Obama t-shirt! Hahaha…Also, I got some of my fisheye pictures developed and am waiting on a Holga roll. I really need to learn how to use this blog better bc I had wanted to post a bunch of pictures fo ryou in this bloggy, ugh. Anyway…

Oh, also, guys feel free to comment here. You can comment on my myspace too but eventually I’m just going to have the entire blog here…

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