Election Day is tomorrow.

I know I just blogged but I’ve got something else to say dammit.

Anyway, after Hills got kicked out of this race, my attention span for the election coverage has been severely lax.  I like Obama and I want him to win, I just don’t feel as passionate about him as I did about Hills and after Hills got knocked out I felt like whaaatever.  For the most part everyone has decided (at least I have) and the people who haven’t, well that’s their problem.  After the last two elections I’m kind of jaded and therefore there’s no amount of media coverage that can make me stand up and pay attention, especially when it’s all just partisan mud-slinging and then who cares?

Anyway, this morning I was watching the pundits on Morning Joe/Squawk box/Good Morning America/Good Day New York and I got really excited.  Obama is ahead almost ten points in the polls which they said that four years ago there was only a one point margin on the day before election day.  So I actually have a little hope right now. 

Also, this is SUCH an historic election…I feel like I have finally woken up from my “Post-Hillary Slumber” and am back in the swing of things.  I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that the election is decided swiftly.  None of this 2000 bullshit where we have to wait two damn weeks before a decision is made due to “butterfly ballots” or whatever kind of bullshit kadinky dust they dream up.  I want to wake up on Wednesday morning and find out that we have elected the US’s first Black President and I want to jump for joy!  I have to find my Obama t-shirt (it’s buried in a heap of clothes on my bedroom floor methinks) and I’m going to wear it for the next two days.

Regardless of who wins, I think I’m going to head down to DC for the inauguration and see what happens…No maybe I won’t if it’s McCain.  I don’t have as much hatred for McCain as I did for Bush in 04.  I DO think that if he wins (which he won’t *crossed fingers*) that he’ll end up being a Bush puppet…BUT we don’t have to worry about that since Obama is going to win (*lighting my voodoo “Obama wins the White House” incense*).

So that’s that.  Wish me luck.

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